Valerie Lewis

The latest addition to RAK Films' lovely line-up

Valerie LewisRussian actress and model Valerie Lewis is the most recent talent to join the line-up of curvaceous beauties at RAK Films. So far,  the only film to feature Valerie that has been released and is currently available is Brave Tart, in which she plays Carla, a friend of one of the main character’s, but more are coming soon. With other ladies such Dakota Skye (not to be confused with the recently-late porn actress of the same name), Morgan Ziva, and Cookie St. John regularly appearing in RAK movies, Valerie, who is a new face to US audiences, is in very good company.

RAK Films’ CEO, Robert Kotabish, says of Valerie:

Valerie is absolutely stunning. My Wives is still being filmed. She plays one of the five wives the main character had married. He won the lottery so they are all after him. She has also been in several unreleased shorts (Dear Santa, and I’m Guilty, to name two) and has helped direct a few things for me for other Russian actresses.

See more of Valerie at her IMDb page, which, as of this writing, is sparse, but will soon be growing. All accompanying photos courtesy of Valerie herself.

Brave Tart
Valerie, at center, gracing the poster for Brave Tart.
CHRIS CHARLES: As you know, film director Robert Kotabish told me about you. How did you and Robert first meet?
VALERIE LEWIS: We met through a mutual friend. He recommended me.
Had you seen any of Robert’s films before you met him?
VALERIE: No, before I met I did not know about RAK Films.
CHRIS: When did you first start acting?
VALERIE: The first shooting was in February. I was very worried.
CHRIS: You play Carla in Robert’s film, Brave Tart. What was it like making that film with Robert?
VALERIE: I really enjoy working with Robert. He supports and guides me.
CHRIS: You are also in Robert’s upcoming film My Wives. Can you tell me about the role you play in that film?
VALERIE: In the film My Wives, I play a sweet girl who is a dancer. She testifies at the trial and does not hesitate to show emotions.
CHRIS: I see. I understand you have also been in several unreleased short films, such as Dear Santa. Can you tell me about that film?
VALERIE: Dear Santa is a funny short. A spoiled and not very smart girl asks Santa for gifts in March. For example, a mirror that says compliments.
CHRIS: How about I’m Guilty? Can you tell me about the role you play in that film?
Deadly Eye Candy
Valerie is the star of the upcoming Deadly Eye Candy.
VALERIE: I loved this role. I played a killer girl. I can make a rude or angry facial expression.
CHRIS: Who have been some of your favorite actresses to work with?
VALERIE: I spoke with Dakota Skye via video. She is a nice girl with an interesting voice.
CHRIS: You have also helped direct some films?
VALERIE: Robert guided me. My first try was a comedy video called Crapco Dish. It was fun.
CHRIS: What are your hobbies and interests?
VALERIE: I love animals and watch movies. I am interested in cooking and spotting.
CHRIS: Thank you so much for answering my questions, Valerie. In closing, is there anything you would like to say to fans?
VALERIE: I don’t know if I have them. If there are, I will thank them. It is important for me to like them, otherwise everything does not make sense. Thanks Chris for your time!!




Valerie Lewis    Valerie Lewis

Valerie Lewis    Valerie Lewis

Valerie Lewis

Thanks to Robert Kotabish at RAK Films.

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