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Besides hosing her successful Mabig Film Festival last October, actress and filmmaker Andreea Boyer, has recently branched out into the world of fashion. Her own brand’s website, recently launched and offers a wide array of clothing and shoes for men, women, and children, as well as home and living accessories.

CHRIS CHARLES: First of all, before we talk about your recently launched brand, I’d like to say congratulations on successfully organizing and hosting Mabig Film Festival last October.
ANDREEA BOYER: Thank you for this interview. My Mabig Film Festival has been held successfully despite all circumstances since the global pandemic. Many filmmakers couldn’t attend and also we had only the access to allow maximum 25 people because of the coronavirus regulations here in town. We are very happy, proud, and grateful to be in News Break, that’s also the number 1 news app in the USA. Featured there is the video where you can see all the filmmakers who attended my festival last October. Special thanks to Dr. Joachim Böttcher, Film Freeway, News Break, Idol Features, Dilip Khatri (interview here), Joana Geier, Thomas J. Hayes, and all the international filmmakers. Thanks as well to Alfon Tanushi for the event location. As well many thanks to James Gent (We Are Cult) and for publishing and writing so beautifully about my festival and for recognizing my hard work and hopes. Thank you James!
CHRIS: So what inspired you to start your own brand featuring your artwork designs?
ANDREEA: It has always been my dream to do so, especially because I love to design and work with different designs and colors and being able to work as an artist on it, it’s like painting a picture that can be worn later on and that makes me proud, knowing and seeing that my visions turned into something needed and suitable for everyone is being appreciated and fits well as I thought It would do. Seeing the results is just the part of, as you know there’s a lot of work behind the scenes, from choosing the right colors and working on designs, also thinking of all other aspects and finally having the products available makes me and my team very proud. We are really hoping that people discover my brand as something useful for the daily routine as well, see my brand is made of flexible fabrics which means that you can easily wear all shirts, pants, jackets for the daily activities as my items are made of great fabrics which allow our customers to really feel comfortable while wearing my brand they can also run, do sports, wear them on the daily basis with a comfortable feeling, most of my items are designed to be like a second skin which offers maximum activity possibility without having  stretch marks afterwards. Also the dresses can be worn to all events, including daily routine, going out, running. Enjoy wearing them and thank you for choosing my brand!
Andreea Boyer
Brand owner/designer Andreea Boyer
CHRIS: What is your motivation for everything?
ANDREEA: My motivation for everything is: My mother’s smile. For everything that I am and I have accomplished I can only say; thank you mom! She is always my No. 1 best friend and she is supporting my dreams in every situation when no one else does, my mother is the one who smiles at me and motivates me to keep going and don’t give up. She has always supported me and I’m grateful for that. Herself she has overcome a incredible past, together we have and so our bond is very strong and I’m proud of seeing her smiling and happy. My mom used to wear her own designed clothing too! When she was younger she used to order her clothes at a tailor and so I guess my passion for my brand resulted from my mothers passion for designing clothing. She is always my best teacher in everything in life and she loves me very much.
CHRIS: What are some of the products you currently offer?
ANDREEA: Please discover my brand on and see all items from Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, Kid’s Wear (adding more soon), Home and Living, and Accessories.
CHRIS: Do you experiment with different color combinations for long time to get just the right ones for a particular design or pattern?
ANDREEA: Yes indeed! That’s a long process until the right combination of designs and colors matches correctly they way I imagine it and also there are some rules to combinations of specific colors, for example knowing the trend colors and which colors are compatible with each other, also taking in consideration the age range for customers.
CHRIS: Has anyone ever seen anything in one of your designs that you didn’t see yourself?
ANDREEA: You! I remember us joking about my sublimation dress with the “Pizza Design” on it after you mentioned this to me as I didn’t realize that. I worked on that pattern/design, but I didn’t noticed the pizza similarity on it until you told me about it. Well, I kept my “Pizza Design” on the item that has the colors dark yellow, dark pink, only the edges include some little bright red.
CHRIS: What inspired your brand’s logo?
ANDREEA: My previously published poetry book, STAR. I have continued to work with that vision of just discovering another possible Star with my brand, that everyone can feel special and comfortable in. Knowing that my customers are happy makes me happy and so we are offering the sales codes, 10% up to 12% on all items, just add the codes at the cart page and it will automatically reduce the prices.
CHRIS: You’ve visited many different cities around the world. London, Paris, Los Angeles, as well as Campo Bahia in Brazil, to name a few. What place would you say has the most colorful and interesting fashions?
ANDREEA: The most colorful is probably Brazil and the fact that I had the chance to be there through the project Campo Bahia Documentary, that I’m grateful for to Mrs and Mr Hirmer, that I was able to work for the film, has opened my eyes to a colorful world and has motivated me also to include more colors to my brand. Colors are just like flowers; they do give us a positive mood, and that’s a aspect which I want to share with my brand.
Andreea’s Idol Features Photo Gallery
Andreea’s September 2018 Featured Artticle in the Augsburger Allgemeine (in German)
Campo Bahia Unplugged IMDb Page
More information about my past activities can be found at my first interview with We Are Cult and in   my April 2019 interview in (the Romanian publication) Cancan. Also about my short film in which the beautiful Anca Verma is in. Thank you! To all gentlemen who want to make a different gift; I’m sure the ladies would be happy to receive some dresses or skirts.
CHRIS: I understand you personally oversee all aspects of your online store?
ANDREEA: Yes, I oversee all of my website and all completed orders and notifications of delivery.
CHRIS: Do you plan on offering even more items in the near future?
ANDREEA: Of course! I want to offer each product in as many colors as possible.
CHRIS: Will you be adding more designs soon?
ANDREEA: I will design soon all items to have the same designs and colors in case if someone wants for example, the orange design from this dress on another item like on the skirt or pants.
CHRIS: Besides developing your brand, what other upcoming projects will you be working on in 2021?
ANDREEA: I’m working on all of those yes and I will be sharing with you more information once all is completed. Thank you very much for the interview and for all customers questions, please visit my website and send an e-mail or message through I will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you and wishing you all a wonderful and healthy time.

Brand model Morgan Ziva bears the cold to model one of Andreea’s colorful mini skirt designs (available here) and
chose a sunny day to model one of Andreea’s most popular sublimation dresses (available here).

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