Look Who’s on the Cover of Easyriders

Porn starlets who graced the cover of America's #1 biker magazine

Traci Lords

Since 1971, Easyriders magazine has been the premiere biker magazine (or “rag,” to use the biker colloquial term) on the newsstands. Most of the ladies Easyriders featured on their covers, at least in the early days of the magazine, were not well-known or even professional models However, not all who graced the covers and pages were amateur models. In fact, several were lades who were already, or shortly thereafter went on to become, top names in the porn industry. My educated guess is that Easyriders‘ contributing photographers hired their models through Jim South’s World Modeling Agency. The most infamous being their November 1985 cover girl Traci Lords (above), who at the time and unbeknownst to Easyriders‘ staff or even the adult entertainment industry, was underage. When she posed for the her Easyriders shoot, she was no older than 17. Traci went on to have a successful mainstream acting and later singing, career. She is still active in the entertainment  industry and has launched her own fashion line with Pinup Girl Clothing.

Traci Lords may have been the most infamous porn starlet to grace the cover of Easyriders, but she sure wasn’t the first or last. What follows are several more covers of issues that featured top porn starlets of the late-70s to mid-80s era. All were also featured in spreads in the issues they graced the covers of, adorning the bikes, but, with the exception of Miss Chambers, no mention was made of their work in the adult film industry.

Kandi Barbour

Six and a half years before Miss Lords was spotlighted, Kandi Barbour graced the April 1979 cover. Kandi passed away in January of 2012. This blog, seemingly created for the sole purpose of telling Kandi’s story, gives a good account of her life and times.

Marilyn Chambers
The iconic Marilyn Chambers appeared on the cover of the November 1980 issue. Of course, and unlike with the other ladies included in this article, the folks at Easyriders were well-aware of the fact that Miss Chambers was a famous porn star at the time. Marilyn passed away at her Southern California home in 2009 at age 56.

Julia Parton

June 1983 cover girl Julia Parton went by the stage name “Nina Alexander” until it got out in 1990 that she was a cousin of Dolly Parton. After that, she began using her real name to cash in by being billed as Dolly’s cousin. Perhaps the one member of the family the Parton clan never talked about at gatherings.

Lois Ayres

Sondra Stillman/Lois Ayers graced the cover of the April 1983 issue at the dawn of her career in the adult business. Yours truly had the pleasure of meeting Miss Ayers at a dancing engagement at one of San Francisco’s then-top live adult theaters shortly after he first stint in porn and she was looking tanned, toned, and better than ever. She took a hiatus after that and returned to hardcore for another stint before retiring in the mid-1990s. She had a Myspace page (which she deleted around 2007) in which she stated in her profile something to the effect of; “Most of you are aware of my past, and that’s where I want to keep it.” She now resides in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file.

Tracey Adams

February 1984 cover girl Tracey Adams was a top star during the mid-to-late 80s and did a few B-movies under her real name, Deborah Blaisdell. She also currently resides in the “Whatever Happened to..?” file.

Susan Hart

January 1985’s cover girl, Susan Hart (not to be confused with the actress and American International Pictures heiress of the same name) never became as big a name in the adult business as ladies like Marilyn Chambers or Ginger Lynn, but she had her fanbase and a fairly prolific career in the 80s.


To date, Shannon is probably the only transsexual lady who has graced the cover of, or been featured in, Easyriders magazine. However, like Traci Lords’ true age, Shannon’s original gender was most likely unbeknownst to the folks at Easyriders magazine. According to adult industry sources, Shannon, who also went by Catherine Crystal and Crystal Evans, had sex reassignment surgery no later than 1984, so it’s safe to assume that she was post-operative at the time of her Easyriders shoot.

Crissa Bo Bozlee

Although she couldn’t be considered a bonafide porn star, June 1986 cover girl Crissa “Bo” Bozlee’s ties to the adult entertainment industry and her appearance in the February 1988 issue of Penthouse magazine earn her an honorable mention here. Her notoriety Soldier of Fortune magazine Chuck Traynor, whose ex’s before Crissa included Linda Lovelace (Deep Throat) and Marilyn Chambers.

2011-09 Tasha Reign

Easyriders didn’t stop featuring porn stars after the VHS era. However, the post-VHS era starlets were already established in the adult industry (as it is in the Internet era) when they were featured in the magazine. An example is Tasha Reign graced the September 2011 issue (above). A former Hooters Girl and later stripper, Tasha made her hardcore debut in 2010.

Carmen Valentina

 Carmen Valentina. who got into the adult industry in 2009, graced the cover of the August 2012 issue. In case anyone besides myself is wondering, I have no idea if any on the ladies featured in this article are/were actual motorcycle enthusiasts.

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