Friday the 13th Victim, Samantha

1984’s Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter sure wasn’t the final chapter for the classic horror franchise, but Samantha, played by Judie Aronson, sure wrote her final chapter after setting out in this raft. Reportedly, while filming this scene, it was so cold in the middle of the lake, Judie got hypothermia.

As for Miss Aronson’s following film appearances, you may also recognize her as Deb’s pal “Hilly” in 1985’s Weird Science. She continued to enjoy a successful (mostly television) acting career that lasted into the early 2000s before it waned and her appearances became fewer and further between. A 2009 interview highlighted her as the proud owner of RockIt Body Pilates in Manhattan Beach, California. However, it seems that Judie has probably since sold that business as the website reveals it’s now under different ownership.



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