Oh In-hye’s Last Youtube Video

On the morning of September 14th, popular Korean Actress Oh In-hye was found unresponsive in her Incheon home. She was rushed to a nearby hospital what it was first reported that her breathing had returned. However, it was reported that evening that she had passed away. Authorities believe it was a suicide, although details have yet to be made public. Above is the last video Miss Oh posted to her Youtube channel on September 12th, which was two days before her death. The original title of this video was “[인혜로운생활] 48화. 이네의 나이트루틴 스킨케어. (버퍼링부분은 조금 건너뛰어서 봐주세요.ㅠ.ㅠ)” (Translation: “[In-Hye’s Life] Episode 48. In-hye’s Night Routine Skin Care. (Please skip the buffering part. Ha ha).”)

As of this writing, if you go to Miss Oh’s Youtube channel or pretty much any other article on the net covering this story, you’ll see that the video has since been set to private by either Youtube or whomever is now controlling the late Miss Oh’s Youtube channel. It seems that all the other videos at her channel are still publicly viewable. While the above video was still publicly viewable at her channel, a couple of the odd things about it that “netizens” picked up on, that many believe are intended tip-offs that Miss Oh was planning to take her own life, are:

  • The video was titled “Episode 48,” even though it should have been episode 46 as the last video posted before it was Episode 45. There’s been speculation that the “48” is significant because that was the number of hours later that Miss Oh would take her own life.
  • There’s a “buffering” that begins at about 0:48 (once again; “48”) and lasts for about 60 seconds while the audio continues uninterrupted. The buffering occurs during a part of the video in which Miss Oh is combing her hair, so it appears that she is repeatedly striking her neck with the comb during the buffering. The video could have been corrected, so it seems that Miss Oh may have left the buffering part in deliberately.

Oh in-hye had earned a place among Korea’s well-known and successful actresses, with prominent film and television appearances to her credit over the last several years, but some may best remember her for a daring orange dress she wore to the 16th Busan International Film Festival in 2011.

Oh In-hye
Oh In-hye at the 16th Busan International Film Festival in 2011


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