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Comedienne and satirical news journalist Claudia Stavola is the driving force behind Madhouse Magazine, “where comedy meets rock & roll.” Hailed as “the greatest rock n roll comedy magazine in the world,” Madhouse brings viewers a twisted satirical view of the music and entertainment industry, and occasionally they hit on other topics, such as  sports, politics, and even fashion.

At left, we have Claudia giving a recent special report on National Hockey League announcer Mike Milbury’s comments on how he finds women to be distractions. Not one to be satisfied by just scratching the surface of a hot topic, Claudia digs in and does her research when working on a story, so that her viewers will get something to really sink their teeth into. In this case, she tracked down Milbury’s best friend, Mike Rotch, to get some juicy inside information.

You can also catch Claudia DJing the morning show on Monsters of Rock on Dash Radio, weekdays from 5:00-9:00 AM PST. Even if you have trouble rising, Claudia will always be sure to get you up. Oh, and interestingly, despite being a rocker chick and music video vixen with an extensive rock t-shirt collection and at least one body piercing, Claudia doesn’t have any tattoos ….anywhere. Nope, not even there.

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