Dakota Skye

R.A.K. Films' leading lady

Dakota Skye

There have been a few prominent B-movie filmmakers who have leaned toward casting outwardly voluptuous actresses in many of their movies. Some have cast the same lady often enough so that she could be considered a sort of “muse” to the filmmaker. Howard Hughes had Jane Russell, Russ Meyer had Kitten Natividad, Ted V. Mikels had Tura Satana. Therefore, I suppose you could consider Dakota Skye (and please don’t confuse her with the currently active porn performer of the same name) the muse of filmmaker Robert Kotabish of R.A.K. Films.

Dakota has become sort of the face of R.A.K. Films (even though most cast their gaze a bit lower when seeing her). She has been featured in quite a few R.A.K. productions, graced just as many of the film posters, and appeared on several panels at various horror conventions, representing R.A.K. Films. She is also the author of Thoughts from Dakota Skye: Things Busty Women Should NEVER Do (Volume 1).

Although the following definitely isn’t an in-depth interview with Dakota, who chose to be brief with her answers, you can consider it a good teaser. Above promo shot for Moon Shine Vixens and all other accompanying photos by Robert Kotabish.

Dakota Skye
Modeling shoot as Dakota’s version of an airline stewardess
CHRIS CHARLES: As you probably already know, Robert Kotabish of R.A.K. Films contacted me about doing an interview with you, as you’ve worked with him on several of his film projects and he speaks very highly of you. How did you and he first meet?
DAKOTA SKYE: I was attempting digital media school and was looking to do a lil “field work” and rest is history.
How many of his films have you appeared in?
DAKOTA: Eight films.
Are you a Cleveland native?
There’s a current porn star with the same name as yourself. The two of you don’t look anything at all alike, but despite that, do you ever get contacted by people thinking you are her?
DAKOTA: No, not really. We both have our different “attributes” and uh ….work schedule?? Probably fun, but no.
CHRIS: I’ll name a few of your films and videos and I’d like you to tell me the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear them mentioned. First one; Kill Them Right! (2012).
DAKOTA: Waaahh!
CHRIS: RAK Force (2013).
DAKOTA: Respect my authority!!
CHRIS: Man Trouble (2014).
CHRIS: Dreaming Big (2015).
DAKOTA: Come to Butthead. Boingg!
Dakota Skye
Promo shot for Dakota’s “Let’s Talk Shop” Youtube show
CHRIS: Okay, so moving on; you also have quite a few credits as a production assistant. What are some other of the behind-the-scenes roles you’ve filled?
DAKOTA: Storyboard artist, AV scripts, shot list, assistant director, writer.
CHRIS: As this goes to press, what are you currently working on?
DAKOTA: We are finishing up with Invisible Terror with myself as Carly Justice, even though I really dig the character of my main nemesis.
CHRIS: As this interview is being conducted during the coronavirus pandemic, and we’ve all had to change our lifestyles because of that, what would you say you are currently missing the most?
DAKOTA: Probably connections with people and metal concerts.
CHRIS: Do you have any skills or hobbies that most people don’t know about?
DAKOTA: I play guitar.
CHRIS: With that, I’ll thank you again for doing this with me Dakota. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone?
DAKOTA: My dear friend and boss Bob Kotabish, my son, and heavy metal.
CHRIS: Oh, just one last question, mainly not to disappoint the readers who were hoping I’d ask it: What are your measurements?
DAKOTA: 36EE, (dress) size nine.

Dakota Skye
As “Satana, Queen of the Universe” in a promo shot from RAK Force

Dakota Skye

Once again, thank you to Robert Kotabish of R.A.K. Films.


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