Sweet Raven

From the mind of James Lemke and the brush of Natasha Novy

Sweet Raven, known to some as Raven Honeywell, was born on a US Air Force Base. She is the most powerful thing ever conceived. She is more powerful than any man or woman on Earth. She is a mix of Iroquois, Sioux, Navajo, Apache, Crow, Blackfoot, Hopi, and any one of the hundreds of Native American Tribes in the US, Mexico, as well as Central and South America. She is coming and her creator, James Lemke tells us how she came to be:

The inspiration for Sweet Raven morphed from the original character. In fact, the original idea was a film script of a homeless female vet in the middle of the city. Then she became a Native American vet. Then I started writing a series of film scripts.The one that I had already written was to become the third movie in a series of five, now six. I haven’t finished all of them yet, as they keep changing. What really inspired the character was my research into Native American women. How mistreated they are and how many have disappeared or murdered and raped. I then started working in the history of the American Indians relationship with the White man. She isn’t based on anyone I know, but many of the characters in the story are. The editing was done by Roberta DeCaprio, who has written nine books.

James on how artist Natasha Novy was chosen to bring Raven’s image to light:

I put the artwork up for bid on line. I had about a hundred bids. I chose Natasha because after talking to her, she was so easy to work with. Plus her price was great. She is an extremely talented artist. She also sings in a rock band in Ukraine.

The first illustrations were for the original idea of Raven. Then I changed her to Native American and Natasha was easy with that. She changed direction altogether. We went through a lot of growing pains with the characters in the story. The next book will be even more of a change. Since this follows Sweet Raven from birth to becoming a superhero, a dark superhero. She is very reluctant to be a hero at all.

You can purchase Sweet Raven on eBook and in the print edition, as well as find out more about James and Natasha, at River of Orange Productions’ official website. Also check out Raven Honeywell’s Facebook page.

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