The Batwoman


THE BATWOMAN is a masked wrestler and crime fighter of the Santo mold, played by Italian-born actress Maura Monti. Her adventure places her at odds with a mad scientist who can grow his own gill-men! Seldom have I seen a picture so wonderfully wild and crammed with 1960s pop. Batwoman’s costume is basically a bikini with Adam West’s cape and mask. Everything is here. Cheesecake, adventure, monsters, a mad scientist, espionage, thugs, boats, beaches, sports cars, secret labs, jazz music, etc, etc, etc!


We will likely never get an official home video release here in the States or even in it’s native Mexico, though it does occasionally turn up on television there and I guess it made it to Europe, since the Database records a 1970 release year for Austria. Such a pity. I believe the film can be found on Youtube, at least.

Batwoman Batwoman Batwoman Batwoman


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