Liane Langford and The Replican PODCAST 

The actress on how the Joseph McCann novel is in the works to get to the screen

July 16, 2020 Author’s Addendum: Liane Langford passed away July 14, 2020. This was the last interview I had the pleasure of conducting with her. At the time of this interview, Liane was excitedly looking forward to her planned collaboration with author Joseph McCann, as was Joseph. However, Liane’s passing did not put a halt to the project. It will continue with Liane’s spirit overseeing it.

Chris Charles

Liane LangfordMy online guest for our December 10th podcast, Liane Langford, is a colorful lady who has graced the pages of Idol Features on more than one occasion in the past, and who currently has a new project to promote. Based on the novel The Replican by Joseph McCann, The Replican Official Concept movie teaser, which is currently viewable on Youtube, explores the life and music of electronic music pioneer, Gary Numan. The Replican teaser video describes the scene and outlines the proposed project as such:

The Replican emerges from a strange chamber in the depths of “The Park” with no memory of who or what he is. Is he human, a machine or alien. It tells the story of The Replican as he travels through this very dark disturbing world in search of his true identity. The Replican discovers how far people will go to protect their future.

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December 10, 2019 Podcast with Liane Langford


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  1. Thinking about and missing my friend always. Thank you for these interviews with Liane so I can hear her voice again. She was truly, one of a kind and taken too soon.

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