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Latest short film from young actress and award-winning filmmaker

Andreea BoyerActress, author, and filmmaker Andreea Boyer’s most recent short film, Ella, is the story of a young woman, played by Andreea in the title role, coming to terms with her drinking and partying lifestyle and the affect it is taking on her life, particularly her studies. She realizes it’s starting to take her down the wrong path and decides to change courses before things become worse.

Even though the subject matter this short deals with is serious and it may start off as dark, the story takes an upbeat turn and features some beautiful outdoor scenery, shot around a forest and lake area in Bavaria, Germany. Some lighter moments include the scenes with Ella greeting her online class instructors, one of whom is notably played by Italian actress and stage performer Anita Giovannini. Also of note is the title character’s penchant for wine. Andreea, a non-drinker in real life, says on shooting the scenes in which Ella was intoxicated:

In real life, I have an alcohol intolerance, so it was so funny for my friend, who did the camera, as she’s been laughing all the time while seeing me with those wine bottles around, as she knows that I’ve been drinking juice and that I can’t drink (alcohol) at all, yet I tried my best to look drunk, even if I don’t know how that is.

Andreea Boyer as Ella
The outdoor scenes were shot around a forest and lake in Bavaria.

Andreea’s intention with this film was to do more than just tell the story of a young lady who decides to quit drinking and straighten out her life. She also has a  deeper message with Ella. When asked about that, Andreea elaborated:

Ella is a role that is like a mirror showing how the young generation and society can be hiding “who they are” and instead of working all together as a positive collective, some are driven by wrong illusions. Greed is bad. Real recognizes real. Be authentic, honest, and not only focused on greed.

A selfish and greedy persona is a vulnerable one, because then those are surrounded by others who are the same way, which isn’t the road to success. Greed is like a labyrinth and an addiction that leads us into a circuit of wrong circles, where we have a blurred perspective and perception of the world around us and more easily become vulnerable. Being focused on greed and less emotional isn’t good at all, because that makes us less perceptive of people who don’t want the best. Ella faces exactly this issue of being a greedy, self centered, greed-driven person, who is deep inside missing the natural world around her, which she can’t recognize at the beginning, as she’s losing herself in drinking.

Andreea Boyer as Ella
The first minutes of the film depict how Ella’s drinking and partying
lifestyle is taking its toll on her well-being.

Greed has left deep marks on all mankind and the other extreme that’s needed to fulfill an empty space is to have a specific addiction that brings us out of balance, anyway. The anchor of our deep consciousness is being dragged deep into the darkness as we’re standing on thin ice, while searching the trees in a giant forest. That’s because of greed. We are taught that greed and being very self-focused and self-centered are the engine in life, but that’s wrong and if we believe so, then we don’t recognize the real potential that someone or something can offer. I’m not pleased by compliments. I’m pleased by honesty that’s very rare.

Ella shows that it’s good to also let others make us aware of our mistakes, but happily, the online teachers play a significant roles in shaping our consciousness to the better. The online teachers are Alfie Best, Anita Giovannini, and Desmond Parenteau. They are helping Ella with finding the light by telling her some important messages. The friend is played by Peter Grab. Special thanks to Mr. Alfie Best, who is teaching that only hard work is the key to success.

I shot all scenes in two days and the editing was right the third day. Uploading all video material and the technical part was another day, so the short film was completed in a couple of days. Good actors, techniques, and locations are needed.

Andreea Boyer as Ella
The Il Gladiatore Ristorante Hotel Winebar in Augsburg is the location where this scene was filmed.

Andreea on the background music that accompanies the opening scenes:

The piano music that I have composed in Los Angeles together with William Goldstein, who is a major composer of our time, is the perfect fit for my short film Ella and during the editing progress I realized that “Andreea’s Three Notes” is the piano piece that completes all very well. Special thanks to Mr. William Goldstein for composing this music with me in a great studio in Hollywood, the place where artists can really transform their thoughts into art. I love Los Angeles and all creative people there and also everyone from the entertainment business as producers, managers, agents, studios, musicians are very helpful and kind to those who want to create art. I honor that city so much as they really understand you and support you as much as they can.

In addition to her own film and writing projects, Andreea is also the founder and director of the Mabig Film Festival, which is currently accepting short and feature-length submissions of all film genres. Find out more on the festival at Andreea’s official website and more on Andreea’s film and and acting credits at her IMDb page.

Andreea Boyer as Ella
Peter Grab plays a friend who gives Ella advice on bettering her life and
how to continue her studies by taking online classes.
Andreea Boyer as Ella
The outdoor scenes in which Ella is dressed in bright colors are symbolic
of the brighter outlook she has for her future.
Anita Giovannini
Italian actress and stage performer Anita Giovannini plays one of Ella’s online teachers.

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