Baker’s Log – A Quick Look: Prehistoric Women (1966)

Prehistoric Women

The title PREHISTORIC WOMEN was re-used in 1966 by Hammer Film Studios of England. (Actually, the British title was SLAVE GIRLS.) At any rate, this PREHISTORIC WOMEN has nothing to do with the 1950 film. In it, a big game hunter comes across a statue of a great white rhino being worshiped by hostile natives. Then time freezes. Then our hero finds himself in a primitive word populated by sexy cavegirls lorded over by a cruel queen played by Martine Beswick. This is a weird one, and justifiably saw regular rotation on TNT’s 100% WEIRD back in the early 90’s. Somewhat disappointingly, this is the second PREHISTORIC WOMEN to not feature any dinosaurs! Still, for eye candy fans, the film delivers in spades. The same cannot be said for Hammer’s other dinosaurless cavegirl movie, CREATURES THE WORLD FORGOT.

Martine Beswick
Martine Beswick
Edina Ronay
Edina Ronay

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