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Natahley PlummeHalloween seemed to the appropriate date to feature a couple of ladies with vampire-like characteristics. As all it would take to rid themselves of their unique fang-like incisors would be a single visit to a dentist to have them filed down, it begs to question why these ladies have chosen to keep their natural fangs, as well as what it’s like to have them. Here’s what they said.








Natahley PlummeNatahley Plumme

Natahley Plummer – As for having them, it’s my best asset. It draws a lot of attention at parties ….it did when used to be fun before children, anyway, and the first thing males generally point out to me is that I have fangs, as if I never knew? (laughs) I do have to be careful when I play around. I bit an old friend when we were wrestling once and I felt my fangs pierce through the skin ….a distinct “popping” feeling. It was really weird! It’s nice to have something unconventionally beautiful about my features, since I’m just an average looking girl besides my fangs. My go-to fancy dress outfit is always a vampire, obviously. I do have times that I feel self conscious about my teeth, and a lot of my selfies are taken without showing my full smile. In a world where having perfect features is considered beautiful, sometimes I wish I had straight teeth ….but then I couldn’t have these sexy fangs!

Ashton Bollinger Ashton Bollinger

Ashton Bollinger – People always think they’re fake. I’ve had so many times where someone has asked me “where did you buy your fangs?” and they don’t believe me when I say that they’re my actual teeth. I’ve had people ask if they could touch them because they wanted to see if they were real or not.

After browsing Ashton’s Facebook photos, a couple of further questions I had for her:

Do you also play the bass?
Yeah I did many years ago. It’s been awhile but I’m sure I could pick it back up pretty easily.

Have you ever done any vampire characters for Halloween?
Yeah! I’ve been Marceline from the show adventure time. My friends call me the real life version of her (laughs).

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