Annabelle Rogers

Blonde bombshell with a natural 36H is just two years in the adult entertainment industry

Annabelle Rogers

Annabelle Rogers and I had a little more in common than I thought before our Monday, September 16 afternoon Skype interview. We are both in the same age bracket, raised in Christian households and grew up about nearly a half hour from Minneapolis. As content creators and entrepreneurs, this is where I begin to idolize what Rogers has done. She’s been able to take what she felt would be a gig for side money into a career where she’s earning passive income doing something she enjoys. Beyond making figures for her newfound career, the five-foot-five-inch tall blond with 36H breasts, showcases a sexy figure that’s enviable for women and desirable for men.

While we both may admire figures who were before our time, Rogers goes way back taking a liking to figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and loving what Cher has done impacting the women’s movement. After all, since Rogers has been in the adult industry, she’s mainly worked independently and then sold her work to bigger outlets such as PornHub and Score. She’s able to build her own schedule for production and all the other facets that come along with being an entrepreneur in the adult industry. Her path has also given her creative control over her content.

“I can be and create who I want to be. It’s really in my own hands,” Rogers said.

Invested in this industry figuratively and literally, owning expensive video equipment to continue to produce high quality content, she does all this while complying to a pack she’s made with her husband. The agreement is she can perform solo or do girl/girl videos as long as she’s not mating with another male partner on screen. So when she decided to enter the industry was her husband ready?

“He was at first hesitant as he thought it would ruin our sex life,” Rogers laughed. “(But then) he saw how much happier I was.”

Her husband is more than just a supporter of her work. He also lends Rogers a hand when she needs help behind the scenes.

Learning and growing in adult industry

At the age of 18 she lost her virginity on New Years Day.

“It was good,” she said.

When she went to college, where she studied human development, she further experimented with both men and women with occasional one-night stands. Then she decided to take a year off of school and that’s when she headed for Europe on a trip that introduced her to her now-husband.

While working as a nanny overseas, she began seeking other opportunities to make cash. She began researching webcam gigs and through a site called Chaturbate is where she made her debut onscreen. Through the webcam service, trying to stay anonymous, she wore a mask when she performed in front of the camera.

Her appearance galvanized her fans to ask her for her social media handles as they wanted to see more of Rogers. She took it a step further by making her own videos. When she first started, she admits comments were “very constructive.”

From the feedback she learned of fetishes from her fans which helped her broaden her content, she learned of new genres from things like JOI’s (jerk off instruction videos) to what she is infamously known for now, which is her “mommy” videos. Not even a mom herself, it was a genre that caught her by surprise, but she learned quickly that many of her viewers wanted to fantasize her as their mom. Pleasing her fans, she often does solo POV (point of view) MILF-themed videos. Another hit with her fans is her cosplay-themed videos. One of her most recent cosplays is where she is dressed like Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo.

When a fan mentioned that her videos were like therapy, she was touched.

“It was just another reason why I keep doing it, when so many amazing people are behind you,” Rogers said.

With the support of fans, her husband and other actors in the adult industry, one group who does not support her career is her family.

“They still love me but don’t support it by any means,” Rogers said.

They eventually found out through her little brother, who’s in school. Her brother’s friends found her videos online and once they found out, told him. One day at home, his parents caught him smoking weed and used his big sister as a scapegoat.

“My brother told my parents he was being teased in school because of my videos and since he was stressed he started smoking weed. I doubt that was the real reason he was smoking” Rogers said.

With the cat out of the bag, Rogers decided she might as well fully invest herself. In doing so, she’s gain thousands of followers with over 160,000 on Instagram alone.

One thing she wishes her family would understand is that her approach to this industry is different than how others beforehand may have been. “There is no one pressuring me to do scenes or is overworking me on sets. In the past, I worked as a fragrance consultant and a restaurant worker and was harasses more then,” Rogers said.

On a rare occurrence, she’s harassed nowadays from a troll on social media, but she can simply block them. Even with how happier she has been since she has been in the industry, she understands that her mother just doesn’t want to tell her church friends what she does, now living in Florida.

“No one wants their daughter naked on camera,” Rogers said.

Hobbies off camera and future aspirations

Living in Florida, she has two dogs that often keep her company. She frequently takes them for hikes and other dog events.

“Other than that I’m a boring person. I’m really a homebody,” Rogers said.

Impressed by how she’s exceeded her own expectations as an adult entertainer, Rogers aspires to do more. Down the road, she’d like to be directing and work behind the scenes. Two big aspirations for her would be owning her own studio and her own gentleman’s club.

As a performer, she’d like to perform with some of her favorite adult actresses, the top of her list being Angela White.

The adult actress did have one message to her fans: “Pay for your porn and consume ethically,” she said. “Don’t steal content. Watch from verified accounts.”


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