The Ladies of Slashlorette Party

Interview with the film's bloody bachelorettes

Described as “the classic 80s slasher film that never existed,” Slashlorette Party is the latest splatterfest from A & P Productions. The film, which features a cast of lovely and talented actresses from Northern California, actually stemmed from a trailer for a fictitious slasher film that was featured during A & P’s 2016 revenge thriller, Streets of Vengeance. According to A & P co-founder Paul Ragsdale; “After the film (Streets of Vengeance) was released on blu-ray and DVD, we kept getting positive reviews and comments about the Slashlorette Party trailer; people kept asking us ‘when are you going to make this into a real movie!?’ Well, that time is now!”

A Facebook group chat with seven of the eight ladies who appear in the film was arranged for this exclusive interview and six of them are pictured above from the August 11th photo shoot to promote Slashorette Party. They are (left to right); Brooke Morris, Katee Hudson, Vanessa Mata, Molly Souza, Shalene Prasad, and Nina Lanee Kent. Not pictured above, but included in this interview is Krystal Shay. All of the ladies were asked who has worked with whom before, how they were chosen for their roles, and about the characters they play in the film. All accompanying photos courtesy of Paul Ragsdale and Angie De Alba of A & P Productions.

Slashlorette Party Promo
Bloody bachelorettes. From the August 11th photo shoot in Turlock, California.

Trailer for the then-nonexistent film Slashlorette Party, which was featured in the 2016
film, Streets of Vengeance. You may notice there are a couple of ladies in this trailer
who aren’t appearing in the actual upcoming film.

Katee HudsonKatee Hudson (“Mandy”)

The reading was my first time meeting the girls. The cool thing for me is that even though they’d all known each other previously and I was a newbie to the group, I didn’t feel like a newbie. Seriously a super rad group of girls already and I’m so excited to get to know them and work together!

I have a similar story as Brooke. I worked with Angie, and told her that I would love working with them if they ever needed help with anything. And when they made this an official full feature film, they asked if I would like to be a part of it.

I play Mandy, a pothead obsessed with fitness. Other than the fact that I don’t smoke, the character kinda describes me seeing as all I do is work and work out. It’s a small role. I’m excited to see how much I can do with it.

Molly SouzaMolly Souza (“Brie”)

Many of us had met before when we filmed the mock trailer for Slashlorette that was featured in Streets of Vengeance. We shot the trailer all in one day and at one location so we had a good chunk of time to get to know each other. Brooke (Alexa), Nina (Nia) and I ran around in the same groups during high school so we’ve known each other for awhile now.

Cassidy St. Hubbins is actually my step sister. The Central Valley is a small place (laughs), so I started following Angie and Paul when she worked with them on Streets of Vengeance. They reached out to me and I came to read for them at the Queen Bean in Modesto.

I play Brie, the bride-to-be. I am having a lot of fun with Brie. She is very relatable to me. Broadly, I am a young woman who is also navigating the rough seas of self love and trying to find my place in this wacky world. Like Brie/other horror heroines/all women in the real world, I am forced to deal varying degrees of sexism and violently fragile masculinity which impede on my social life, my work life, my love life, and my general safety. More specifically, and hopefully without giving away too much, I have more than my fair share of experience in less than ideal relationships and feeling like I’m not built for what society wants out of me. In those ways, Brie almost doesn’t feel like a character at all but just like another version of myself in an insane situation. I agree with Vanessa, Paul and Angie are so great about writing characters and casting roles. It’s been a joy to do this character work.

Shalene PrasadShalene Prasad (“Trinity”)

When we first shot the trailer last summer, that was the first time meeting everyone, but we all clicked almost immediately. We had fun doing the trailer, so I’m excited to do this film with these ladies, since we all bonded well with each other. Some of the ladies that are here this time around are new, and I’m excited to work with them and make new friendships!

Once we were done with the trailer, we didn’t know if it was going to be a full feature or not, but I’ve known Angie and Paul for quite some time now, and I told them a while ago that I would love to work with them one day. That opportunity came last year, and when they announced they were going to do this I was happy to come back as a returning character.

I play Trinity. She would rather be in Vegas than in the woods at a cabin, which is funny because I love both. I want to have fun with this character since it’s my first time acting in anything honestly, but I’ll just have to bring out the “party Shalene” to get into this character. I know I’ll have fun with it.

Krystal ShayKrystal Shay (“Lacey”)

I didn’t do a reading for this role. I was contacted. I worked with Paul and Angie a few years back for their movie called Streets of Vengeance. I don’t remember exactly how we came in contact but they reached out to me asking if I would like to be an extra for their movie. I responded back saying yes because I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity and it was (laughs). They were so wonderful to work with and I worked with Daniel James Moody, I think is his name. He played the bad guy who killed me in Streets of Vengeance. It was such a fun atmosphere. Everyone was super sweet, and it was just a wonderful experience overall. Streets of Vengeance was my first movie I was in and I had a blast working with them, I let Paul and Angie know that it was such a blast. I promoted my role for their movie all the way up even until this day I still promote it and we stay in contact once in a while on Instagram, so they reached out to me asking if I would like to play the part that might have some speaking roles in it for their new movie. I responded back with “yes of course, why wouldn’t I want to work with you guys again you all are so sweet and amazing.” I’m blessed to have the opportunity and it was so fun working with you all. After reaching out to me about which part I would play, now I’m in a group chat with everyone and the group that’s going to be in this movie seem to be super awesome, so I’m just super excited and very grateful for this opportunity to be working with them again!

I believe I’m Lacy. I’m the entertainment for the groom, a stripper. Honestly, this character wouldn’t be hard for me at all because I tried stripping about three to five times before (laughs). I model and do a lot of nude shoots so I’m ready and in the adult industry as well.

Nina Lanee Kent (“Nia”)Nina Lanee Kent

I was at work while the reading happened so haven’t met everyone, but know most! (laughs).

We talked about Slashlorette Party when we did (the short film) Nite Time Creatures, then Molly and I did a shoot with Paul and Angie and talked about it some more, I said I was was down if they needed help cause I love working with them, so here we are!  I’ve followed Paul and Angie for a while tho cause one of my good friends Cassidy St. Hubbins was in Streets of Vengeance and she recommended me to them. I’m super stoked that they hit me up to be in the film, its always fun working with them.

I play Nia, the one who wants to break up the bride and groom. I feel it won’t be such a big stretch for me because Paul and Angie are always great at picking the rolls for me. My personality for the characters they imagines normally fit pretty well (laughs). I’m excited for this character and be the open blunt friend I usually am (laughs).

Vanessa MataVanessa Mata (“Carmella”)

I worked with Molly, Brooke, and Shalene when we did the original Shalshlorette trailer. It was crazy doing everything in one day, but I think that’s what helped us come together so well in a way. Nina and I worked together on Paul and Angie’s last short, Nite Time Creatures. That was super fun. My first ever monologue! Everyone else I met at the reading. Like Shalene said though, everyone, new and old, seemed to have good chemistry so I’m really excited.

I was contacted about this role. After working with Paul and Angie on the Slashlorette Party trailer I basically told them if they ever have a project where they feel I would be good for a roll to please call me. I love horror so I was totally excited and honored when they chose to keep me on.

I play Carmella in the film. She’s the one who’s sleeping with the groom. I don’t think it will be too much of a stretch, honestly. I mean, I don’t go around sleeping with grooms, but I’m generally a pretty quiet and shy person. Paul and Angie I think have good judgement about what would be the next best role for me in their projects. I’ve been working a lot at coming out of my shell, and I think everyone will be surprised! I’m ready to have tons of fun with it!!

Brooke Morris (“Alexa”)Brooke Morris

I did get the chance to work with Molly, Vanessa, and Shalene on the Slashlorette Party trailer. It was great and we all got close! I do happen to know Molly and Nina from running around in the same groups in high school. I look forward to working with all the new and old people on this film, and can’t wait to hang with the cast during filming.







A little behind-the-scenes taste of the August 11th photo shoot with the ladies

Slashlorette Party Poster

Poster artwork by Chad Keith

Ginger Lynn with Angie and Paul

Also appearing in this film is adult industry icon Ginger Lynn (pictured here with Angie De Alba and Paul Ragsdale). Ginger also appeared in Streets of Vengeance, so this will be her second appearance in an A & P Productions film. Ginger will be playing the role of Dr. Petra Jordan, Brie’s psychiatrist, who takes a special interest in her client. Ginger wasn’t on hand for the group chat with the rest of the ladies  here, but there are plans in the works for a solo Idol Features interview with Ginger in the near future, which will cover her experiences working on Streets of Vengeance, her role in Slashorette Party, and much more.

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