Mavis Usher – Behind the Scenes with Mike James

Some candid photos of one of the newest James Girls during her recent shoot

Mavis Usher is one of the latest ladies to shoot with renowned pinup photographer Mike James. They got together for a three-day shoot in June of last year. Mike was once again gracious enough to allow me to share some candid photos from that shoot for this article, such as the above shot of Mavis that he snapped while she was waiting for him to set up the lights.

Besides modeling, Mavis is the administrator of Delicious Dolls magazine and she’s also quite a singer, a talent that will be showcased in an upcoming interview slated for the near future here at Idol Features.

In Belize, getting toned prior to her shoot

Mike with Mavis in Harlem, New York, shortly after she arrived for her shoot

Mavis looking hot in glasses

Mavis in the first outfit, suitable for shooting outdoors

Goofing around just before heading outside

Brunch on a sunny June day in Harlem

On the City College of New York campus, in front of a building
Mavis likes as her future home.

Says Mike while shooting Mavis in this outfit; “Even in New York City,
Mavis attracts attention. It’s her incredible curves, I think.”

Pizza break

Freshening up her lipstick before an indoor shoot

Making a blue polka-dot summer dress look fantastic

Candid flash shot of Mavis as Mike set up the lights

Mike says; “Some of the best shots come when the model is just waiting
 for you to get ready”…. and here’s a prime example.

Candid shot while still in New York. Afterwards, it was on to Mike’s
Pennsylvania studio for two days of shooting there.

Catching up on her text messages while still in James Girl mode

Back in Belize. Within mere months of her shoot, Mavis’ photos appeared in
a new Goliath book entitled Super Nylon Parade and is available at Amazon.



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