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New York City artist, model, and author of My Erotic Obsessions opens up

Amore DiLisio Editor’s Forward – I first contacted New York-based artist, model, and author Amore DiLisio over a year ago about being included in an article I was doing on tattoo-free ladies. Amore wasn’t included in that article because, as it turned out, she’s not tattoo-free (she has two small and discreet tattoos; one on her neck and one on her wrist), but she agreed to do an interview with me at a future date.

Fast forward to that future date. I sent Amore my interview questions, which focused on her modeling, artistic endeavors, and her book of poetry and personal expressions entitled My Erotic Obsessions. Her book is described as being about “freedom, and expression of one’s soul, showcasing all the different realities life has to offer.” Amore’s blog writings at her website show that she doesn’t hold back when it comes to revealing her deeper self, so it was not a surprise when, rather than go the conventional route and reply to the interview questions I sent, she told me she had more she wanted to say, but she initially wasn’t sure how to express it. Even though my questions didn’t probe too deeply, it was appreciated that Amore stepped outside the box and gave me what I didn’t ask for when she subsequently replied with an interesting change of pace from the usual Q&A interview. The following is Amore’s unedited and candid composition, which is something she said felt more real for her and the opinions she shares here are solely hers. Accompanying photos courtesy of Amore herself.

Amore DiLisioSo for the past several years I have been working on art, modeling, and writing, but the truth is I don’t give a really care about any of it. Do I enjoy it? Yes, of course I do. I like modeling. I like being in front of the camera. I like writing. I do it all the time. And I enjoy drawing and painting as well. But to me, it is all just a platform to get my message out there. And the message is this: Anything is possible and anyone is capable of anything. If you want to be famous, you can do that. If you want to sit in your room and not talk to anyone, you can do that too.

Society has all these rules/standards of who we are suppose to be and how we are suppose to act. We are supposed to go to school. We are suppose to get a job. We are suppose to get married. Black people aren’t as cool as White people because duh, they’re Black. Gay people aren’t that great either, and neither are trans people. Sex is sacred so sacred that it should only occur between two people who have signed a piece of paper declaring their love. If you have sex, without signing the paper, you may actually enjoy sex or begin to understand the deeper meanings of sex in which case you will be ostracized and labeled slut or whore. But these are the rules and if you break the rules, something is wrong with you. If you are gay, Black, or trans something is wrong with you. If you don’t want to go to school, something is wrong with you. If you don’t want to work a job, something is wrong with you. If you don’t want to get married, something is wrong with you. If you complain, something is wrong with you. If you get angry something is wrong with you. If you cry, something is wrong with you. If you don’t shut up, sit down, and do what you are told, something is indeed definitely very very wrong with you. In fact something may be so wrong with you that you may have to go to the doctor and get put on medication so you can fix the something that is wrong with you so you can follow the rules. (Black, gay, trans people, you’re shit out of luck because there is nothing that can fix that).

Amore DiLisioBut truthfully the rules were just made up by a bunch of rich white people hundreds of years ago who ruled rather ruthlessly, violently, and brutally. Yet we are still following same rules today and WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!??…we are still being ruled by a bunch of rich white people who govern rather ruthlessly, violently, and brutally, which of course leads to more ruthlessness, violence, and brutality.

When I was in grade school, a pretty awesome person that I knew once said, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” And that’s it, that’s all there is to it. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can choose to have whatever we want. We can run around the city taking pictures that make us look pretty because we are pretty. We can write in a journal and call it writing because guess what!!??….. it is writing!!! We don’t need to famous or successful to be okay and we don’t need to adhere to a strict set of standards in order to be considered worthy of anything ….but most importantly of love. Art, modeling, writing … me they are just tools to show people what is possible. There will be other tools that I will eventually use too ….music, business, film. But that is why I called myself Amore because it is love that is possible.

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Her book, My Erotic Obsessions is available at Barnes & Noble.

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