• Sadly, no, the film never made it beyond a rough cut. I wrote the film and the reason for it’s being cancelled is fully on me. We’d used a song for the film which we thought was in the public domain. When we discovered it was still under copyright, we tried to find a way around it, but it was key to a major scene. I have a friend who recorded a replacement music track for me, but I was unable to get a singer to record new lyrics. (I still have the CD for the music track, though, and hope to make use of it in another movie.) The project dragged on and on, and eventually director Joshua Kennedy decided it was best to just cut our losses and abandon the picture. Not that it mattered, really, as he’d moved on to a fruitful career in the meantime. So far as I know, I own the last copy of the rough cut in existence. Out of respect to Josh, I can’t do anything with it either. Eventually, I’d like to re-shoot the picture myself with a new cast.

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