All-Female Fire Crew Makes History

This awesome trio is inspiring more ladies to join their ranks

Known as home to many hi-tech companies, the San Francisco Bay Area city of Mountain View, now has another distinction to be very proud of. Their city’s (probably the country’s, and maybe even the world’s) first all-female fire fighting crew.

Consisting of Captain Paramedic Jenna Graham, front driver Fire Engineer EMT Patty Juergens, and rear tiller Driver Firefighter Paramedic Alison Costello, these ladies do not take a back seat to their male counterparts. They weren’t teamed up as any kind of “experiment” or for the sake of publicity. The trio are all top-notch firefighters who work well as a cohesive unit, and although they’re all very pleased to be working together, they didn’t request to be teamed-up. According to Captain Graham, when she saw her name on the schedule with her long-time colleagues, Alison Costello and Patty Juergens, she thought it was “too good to be true” and thought; “there’s no way this is going to stay like this. But it did!” Read more at the original news story by KPIX’s Jackie Ward here.

The Tweet that first brought these ladies the attention they deserve:

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