Yna Alba Revisited

A second look after she's taken on a slightly new look

Yna Alba

Model Christina Albano, known professionally as Yna Alba, first appeared on our pages in September of 2012. Shortly after that interview, Yna chose to take her modeling down a slightly more conservative path. For the next few years, she opted not to do the more skin-revealing photo shoots. However recently, Yna has turned her focus back toward cheesecake modeling and has been hitting the gym more frequently. I recently got in touch with Yna to ask why the change of style, not that it’s a bad thing ….not at all. Accompanying photos courtesy of Christina herself.

Yna AlbaCHRIS CHARLES: Hard to believe it’s been six and a half years since our first interview. What would you say have been the biggest changes in your career during that time?
YNA ALBA: If there’s one major thing about my modeling career that changed and taught me anything, that is my disposition about sexiness and beauty. Sexiness and beauty may come in all shapes and forms. Apart from a toned skinny body, I also consider a thick body, black skin, freckles, tan lines, and even stretch marks as beautiful and sexy. Along with confidence, of course.
CHRIS: I recall shortly after our first interview, you decided to “tone down” your photos shoots by not showing quite as much skin as you had in previous shoots. However, recently, your have gone back to doing photo shoots that are more racy and provocative. What were the reasons for your changes?
YNA: It was my fiance’s idea to have me remove all my sexy photos as he comes from a very conservative family. I kinda like the changes, as I had unleashed my modest, refined side. But after two consecutive failures in relationships, I really think being sexy is my passion in life (laughs). After all, that was “me” before they met me.
CHRIS: You’ve done some implied photo shoots. Any plans in the near future to go a step or two further and do semi or full nudes?
YNA: I have no qualms doing nudity for as long as it is done artistically and not explicitly. Boudoir is what I have in mind.
Yna AlbaCHRIS: Are you still doing other forms of modeling, such as fashion?
YNA: I have a low key wish of being into fitness modeling honestly. Right now, I just enjoy hitting the gym regularly.
CHRIS: I notice you don’t have any tattoos, which seems to be a rarity among ladies in the entertainment and modeling industries these days. In fact, I did a couple of articles on that last year. So, in today’s seemingly tattoo-crazed world, what are your reasons for remaining ink-free?
YNA: I have nothing against tattoos. I consider them “art.” Most of the people I asked would say tattoos make them sexy, hot, tough, a symbol for their beliefs or personality or a memoir of a good or past event. I don’t think that’s enough reason for me to get one. I would need to have a deeper reason. So the question should go this way; what are my reasons to get inked? (Laughs)
CHRIS: So with that, I’ll say it’s been a pleasure to do this brief update with you, Yna. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone?
YNA: Hi there friends, family, followers, strangers, lovers, and even haters, if I have some (laughs), better support me on my future endeavors because you will gain nothing from not doing so. Love lots.

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