The Ladies of Giantess Attack

Rachel Riley, Tasha Tacosa, Vlada Fox, and Christine Nguyen; four "giantesses" from Jeff Leroy's recent comedy sci-fi creation

Jeff Leroy’s 2017 comedy sci-fi film, Giantess Attack has now lead to his soon-to-be-released follow-up, Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot aka Giantess Attack 2.  There are now plans for a Giantess Attack series with actresses Rachel Riley and Tasha Tacosa at the forefront, playing the main characters, Frida and Diedre, respectively.

Earlier this year (and we won’t be able to call 2018 “this year” much longer as this goes to press), during the filming of Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot, an impromptu documentary on its making, entitled Giant Women, Micro Budget, was shot by filmmaker Jason Kartalian. That has since made the rounds at some popular indie film festivals around the US and the Giantess Attack films, as well as the ladies appearing in them, have now created a buzz in the industry.

Earlier this month, I got the four main actresses in Giantess Attack 1 and 2; Rachel Riley, Tasha Tacosa, Vlada Fox, and Christine Nguyen, together for a candid and exclusive text chat interview. As of this writing, two more ladies who are slated to appear in Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot are Kali Cook and Chelsea Bellas. As this film series progresses, it seems a sure bet that there will be much more lovely talent to be added to the Giantess Attack alumnae.

Rachel Riley and Tasha Tacosa
Rachel and Tasha as Frida and Diedre, two washed-up B-movie actresses playing the kids TV show characters Combat Queen and Battle Babe.
CHRIS CHARLES: First off, I want to thank you ladies for granting me this interview. I know Tasha and Rachel had worked together on Jeff’s Rat Scratch Fever. Was that the only prior time the two of you had worked together before Giantess and had either of you worked with Christine or Vlada previously?
RACHEL RILEY: It’s funny, Tasha and I were both in Rat Scratch Fever but we never met until we began shooting Giantess. And oddly enough, I still haven’t met Christine! We are like ships in the night. This was my first time working with Vlada but I hope it’s not the last!
VLADA FOX: I think I met Tasha while we were modeling for our friend designer, Danielle, and it was about five years ago when I just moved to the US from Russia. Then, while my husband was studying digital photography in NoHo Art Institute, he used Tasha as one of his models for his project and portfolio.
TASHA TACOSA: Yeah, it is kinda funny, Rachel and I had never met until the first day of shooting Giantess. Since, I feel like we have shot a least a project a year together.
RACHEL: (To Tasha) No, it’s just the same one over and over again! (Laughs)
TASHA: (Laughs) Rachel, it feels like it. We live in the never-ending indie film! Vlada and I did meet modeling for our friend Danielle’s cool alternative clothing/bikini line. Then, like she said, I modeled for her husband’s project. Christine, I met for the first time during her shoot for Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot.
CHRISTINE NGUYEN: This is the first time and my absolute pleasure working with Tasha, Jeff, and Vlada. Great artists.
CHRIS: I saw Rachael, Tasha, and Christine in Jeff’s 2017 Kickstarter-funded Giantess Attack. So, Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot is the second in what’s planned to be a series of Giantess films?
Tasha Tacosa
Tasha as Deidre
TASHA: Giantess Attack is the first film. I play Deidre. Rachel plays Frida. We are washed up superhero kids TV show stars. Christine plays the Metalunan twins, who are outer space queens. They come to earth from space, believing Deidre and Frida are real superheroes. In peace, they give them the power to grow giant to protect and save the Earth. Being clueless bratty Hollywood actresses, Deidre and Frida light one of the twins on fire, accidentally killing her, believing the twins are some sort of drunken delusion. This begins the battle which takes us into Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot. Mecha Fembot is played by Vlada. Metaluna creates a giant fembot to take her revenge on Deidre and Frida. So, the goal is to do a series to continue/conclude the story of these unlikely heroine giantesses, defending themselves from outer space enemies and sometimes inadvertently saving the Earth.
CHRIS: How were you ladies first contacted about being in this film series? Were you offered your parts without having to submit a demo reel or audition?
RACHEL: I was the first to be attached to the project. Jeff asked me if I would be interested in starring in Giantess Attack after I worked with him on Rat Scratch Fever. I was even involved in the original Kickstarter campaign, which was basically me in a torn up tank top and my underwear, stomping on “buildings” in my backyard!
CHRISTINE: Jeff contacted me on Facebook after getting a referral from a director I work with all the time. I was offered my role without auditioning.
TASHA: I starred in Rat Scratch Fever. That’s how I met Jeff. Randomly, a few years later, I saw his first Kickstarter pitch for Giantess Attack, thought the concept was very cool and liked its social media. A few weeks later, he contacted me and asked if I would be interested in joining the project co-starring with Rachel. I was totally psyched!
Christine Nguyen
Christine Nguyen plays the evil Metalunan twins, one of whom is killed in the first film. In the second, the surviving twin seeks revenge against the giant babes.
VLADA: Tasha told me that she producing this project (Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot) and she thought that I would be perfect for Mecha Fembot.
CHRIS: Were there any mishaps while you ladies were shooting scenes with the miniature buildings and props?
RACHEL: Plenty, and I’ve got the scars to prove it! Okay, I don’t actually have scars, but I did get rather scraped up. But, that’s going to happen when you’re being thrown/throwing yourself into “buildings” made out of trash and toothpicks!
VLADA: I’ve got some scratches, but not much! Maybe because I shot only for one day. Ohh, but my manicure!! I think I broke one nail!
TASHA: You would think so with all of the crashing through buildings, stepping on and crushing cars, girl fights, cartwheels, and skateboarding through our homemade miniature set. But no, other than a few scratches and scrapes, I had no major mishaps.
CHRIS: Christine, I assume you haven’t shot any scenes with the miniature buildings or props because your character isn’t a giantess?
CHRISTINE: Actually, my character is a Giantess as well. I accidentally cut myself not knowing the oil tanker that I was destroying was held together by nails and not just glue. Ouch. All in a day’s work for a giantess.
TASHA: Yes, Christine is an alien giantess (laughs).
CHRIS: I see Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot, aka Giantess Attack 2, is currently listed at IMDb in post production. Have all you ladies finished filming your scenes for that one?
TASHA: We are about to shoot final pick-ups and then we are done!
CHRISTINE: Yes, I believe all my scenes are done unless there are any pick-ups.
VLADA: I think I’m done too …because my character is destroyed. My head was shot off by a blaster (laughs).
CHRIS: Earlier this year, a documentary entitled Giant Women, Micro-Budget, which is on the making of Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot/Giantess Attack 2 was made. Did any of you do any on-camera interviews or shoot any scenes just for that documentary or was it just shot concurrently as you were shooting scenes for the film?
Vlada Fox
Vlada Fox as Mecha Fembot
CHRISTINE: I didn’t.
RACHEL: Jason Kartalian came to set on the day Tasha and I shot scenes with Vlada and it turned into the greatness that is Giant Women, Micro Budget! All three of us did interviews that day. No extra footage was shot for it that I know of, but Jason edited all the work we did that day into something awesome!
CHRIS: So, is a third installment in the Giantess Attack series already in the works?
TASHA: The thoughts are in the works. Each film has a little cliffhanger for the next story.
CHRIS: Do you ladies plan on appearing together at any events or conventions in the near future to promote the Giantess Attack films?
VLADA: I would like to. It’s always fun to get together with Tasha and I don’t mind to get to know the other girls more closely.
CHRISTINE: I would love to!
RACHEL: That would be amazing! We could stage fights too!
TASHA: It would be awesome! I would love to hangout and sign with these rad ladies! I’d be in for the stage fights! (Laughs) As far as the documentary, it was a bit of in-the-moment synchronicity. Jason Kartalian was originally just at the shoot to help. I am so glad he was so inspired by our process. I love that people can see how this wild ride of Jeff’s vision is created. Personally I think the miniature sets are rad. Sure, our shoots are little crazy but also they can be really fun!
CHRIS: With that, I’ll thank you ladies again for taking the time to do this interview. You’ve all been awesome. In closing, anything you’d like to say to friends and fans?
RACHEL: Thank you all for your support! We love doing these crazy movies and all the scrapes and bruises are worth it to bring you something this fun!
TASHA: Yes, thanks to everyone who supports and checks out our films. Sure, they are a little wild, a little crazy, a little sassy, and maybe a bit ridiculous, but, let’s be real, playing a giantess is a good time! I hope you all enjoy our silliness as much as we do. Please check out our Instagram and our Facebook fan page. We have some great pics, BTS shots, and festival/release dates.
CHRISTINE: Thanks so much for all the love and continuing to support all the projects I am a part of. Huge hugs and many kisses from LaLa Land!

Christine Nguyen Vlada Fox

Giantess Attack 2 Poster Rachel Riley and Tasha Tacosa 2

Trailer for the documentary Giant Women, Micro Budget, which was filmed by Jason Kartalian during the
shooting of Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot, has already been featured at several indie film festivals.

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