Judith Rabl

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Judith RablRomanian born artist Judith Rabl knew from an early age that she had to express herself to her fellow human beings in her own way. Now living in Germany, where she has since 2011, Judith works full-time in the health care field, but says her passion is painting, to which she dedicates all of her free time. She’s proud to say that her artwork shows that she continues to grow creatively. Her paintings have been displayed in prominent galleries around Europe, in cities such as Berlin, Vienna, Venice, and Zurich last September, where her works were displayed at the 20th Art International. In addition to painting, Judith also runs her own textile printing company, BLJ Fashion Designs, where her art is featured on clothing items.

Judith has been featured in several top art publications in Europe, but this marks her first ever interview for an English language publication based outside of Europe. The above photo shows Judith posing next to one of her many colorfully striking paintings, entitled “Tie verzähmte Gorgone von Atlantis” (“The Tamed Gorgon of Atlantis”).

Judith Rabl
Next to “Gift der Philanthropie” (“Poison of philanthropy”)
CHRIS CHARLES: I understand that you are from Romania and moved to Germany in 2011. What brought you to Germany?
JUDITH RABL: Before I stayed in Austria, then I moved to Germany because I attended school here and then stayed.
CHRIS: What first inspired you to paint?
JUDITH: When I was a child, there were many lines that I discovered in a marble column that fascinated me.
CHRIS: It seems to me that some of your portraits reflect that you are influenced by Picasso. Is that so?
JUDITH: I really love Picasso, but I have still tried to find my own style and I  have tried to find my own authenticity.
CHRIS: Are you influenced by any other artists?
JUDITH: I do not know, there may be many artists whom I like and fascinate me. For example, Miro, Matisse, Chagall, Kandinsky, Klee, Hundertwasser, and Klimt Dali.
CHRIS: Your landscapes are fairly traditional while your portraits are more abstract. Does the type of art you create depend on your mood?
JUDITH: Take the landscapes, for example. They are more technical, after Bob Ross, and more done after a model, a picture. Where there are factors that visualization and concentration play an important role. Portraits are more a process of a state of spirit. Nothing flattered, but a process of creation of inner tricks. Most of them are spontaneous and instinctive sketches that make them blindfolded. after which I apply the vivid colors.
Judith Rabl
“Broken Home”
CHRIS: Do you paint every day?
JUDITH: No, unfortunately, but I do other creative activities such as t-shirt graphic design.
CHRIS: Do the animals in your paintings represent people?
JUDITH: Not at all. I grew up with animals in my childhood. They were my friends.
CHRIS: Do you always paint on canvas?
JUDITH: The high quality canvas. It’s worth the money.
CHRIS: You recently had an art exhibition in Venice, Italy. Was that your first show there?
JUDITH: In Venice, it was my first exhibition, but in Italy I have had shows before.
CHRIS: In what other cities have you had exhibits?
JUDITH: Zurich, Switzerland; Ingolstadt, Leipzig, and Berlin in Germany; Vienna, Austria, and I have participated in two international fairs.
CHRIS: Do you have any plans to visit the US in the near future?
Judith Rabl
Working on an untitled portrait in her studio
JUDITH: It’s my dream to go there and I hope to soon.
CHRIS: Do you currently have paintings displayed in any galleries?
JUDITH: I have a collaboration with a gallery in Berlin and I have always been exposed.
CHRIS: I see you’re running a textile printing company. Is it all the artwork you print on the shirts you create?
JUDITH: Most of my designs are, but I still work with Spreadshirt and Amazon in a collaborative provision based on where I sell my work.
CHRIS: Apart from painting, do you have other interests or hobbies?
JUDITH: Yes, fashion, reading, theater, and cinema.

Judith Rabl
This year at the 20th Art International Zurich

Judith Rabl
During an exhibition in Ingolstadt, Germany

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