Christine’s “Nguyenning Picks”

Christine Nguyen's sports predictions

Actress, model, and now sports commentator, Christine Nguyen’s new video series, “Nguyenning Picks” (and for those who didn’t know before reading this, “Nguyen” is the most common Vietnamese family name and is pronounced like “win”) reveals a side of her that most fans probably didn’t know about; she’s an avid and knowledgeable sports fan.

Christine started Nguyenning Picks off with her picks and predictions for NFL week 7. Apparently, as Christine has also done an episode on the now-past World Series (too bad she was sure wrong about her Dodgers), her picks and commentary won’t be limited to pro football.

The Nguyenning Picks series has been added to Christine’s existing Youtube channel, which left off with her “Love Bytes” series of last year, in which she was answering viewers’ questions on the topic of love and relationships. A veteran of over 100 video and cable TV titles that include Bikini Royal, The Devil Wears Nada, Sexual Witchcraft, and Baby Dolls Behind Bars, you can easily find and see a lot more of Christine all over the net.


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