The Nebbia Girls

The trio of latina lovies who dance to "Dura"

The above video is a gem that has been floating around the Internet for the past several months. The ladies in it, Neiva Mara (Grey), Judit Benavente (Green), and Sonia Amat Sanchez (Pink), are all top fitness models in South America and Spain, but not very well-known outside of Spanish-speaking countries. They’re all signed with Nebbia fitness wear, and made this impromptu video while sporting some of their outfits during a commercial photo shoot. The song the ladies are groovin’ to (which I’ll now and forever more associate with this trio) is “Dura” by Daddy Yankee.

To see more of the ladies:
Neiva is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
Judit is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Onlyfans
Sonia is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


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