Awkwafina Hosts SNL

The first Asian lady to do so in 18 years

Trumpet player-turned-rapper-turned actress (as she put it herself), Nora Lum, better know by her professional name, Awkwafina, became the first Asian lady to host Saturday Night Live in 18 years and only the second in the show’s 43-year history, on the night of October 6th. The first Asian Lady to have the honor of hosting the show ever was Lucy Liu, back in December of 2000.

During her above opening monologue, Awkwafina tells how she, at 11 years old, came down to 30 Rockefeller Plaza the night Miss Liu hosted the show and, even though she didn’t have a ticket to get in to see her idol, she just wanted to be near the building on what was an auspicious night for her and Asian-American ladies in the entertainment industry. See Lucy Liu’s opening monologue from December 16, 2000 right here.


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