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Geovonna CasanovaActress and singer Geovonna Casanova first came to my attention as one of the ladies cast in a Michael S. Rodriguez film entitled Like a Shadow. That film has since undergone a restructuring and been renamed, The Dark Lullaby. The full cast of The Dark Lullaby hasn’t been signed yet, but if it’s anything like Geovonna’s last film; Lake of Shadows: The Legend of Avocado Lake, which included some very well-know names in indie horror and was also directed by Rodriguez, it will be one to look out for.

Geovonna is making quite a name for herself in indie horror, and although she doesn’t aspire to being a “Scream Queen,” she would not shy away from being dubbed one. A native of Fresno, California, Giovonna is also a piano and voice teacher. “Singing came basically before I started speaking” she says. Her other talents include impersonations and accents, which she has incorporated into her voiceover roles. Learn more on this fairly new and memorable name in the following exclusive interview. Above photo courtesy of Kaesium Images.

Geovonna Casanova
Photo by Marcos Dorado
CHRIS CHARLES: It’s always a special plus to be featuring a fairly new talent at Idol Features, such as yourself, Geovonna. I know IMDb doesn’t always have all, so how many films have you done so far?
GEOVONNA CASANOVA: Well, if you’re counting films I have quit or have fallen through, I have been a part of 12 films, three series, two commercials, and three ads. In Fresno, something as big as a feature film may not always come through to see the end. You may also face those who carry themselves unprofessionally, which is why I have quit a few films I had the lead in.
CHRIS: You have a beautiful name. Do people often ask if it’s your real name?
GEOVONNA: Yes, people ask all the time if it is real! Truth be told, Casanova is my middle name, and was my mother’s maiden name. My legal last name is Ramirez. I have always been, and always will be, a Casanova. Yes, I am also related to THE Giacomo Casanova.
CHRIS: Were you born and raised in the Fresno area?
GEOVONNA: Most certainly. I spent about a half year living in Sacramento when I was in about second grade, but I’ve always been a Central Valley girl.
Geovonna Casanova
I have always been, and always will be, a Casanova.
CHRIS: I know you’ve been interviewed in person at least twice on Central Valley Talk and I also caught you on a Fresno-based podcast show. Would you say you’re comfortable with being interviewed?
GEOVONNA: I am definitely comfortable being interviewed. I love being in front of a camera!
CHRIS: You also have a written interview at, who focus on horror. If more offers for horror films came your way, would you welcome the chance to be dubbed a “Scream Queen” or would you try to avoid it?
GEOVONNA: Well, the last thing I want is to be “type-casted” as solely a horror actress, BUT I do love the genre very much. I do not mind the idea of being dubbed a “Scream Queen,” but there’s definitely a stigma behind it. I have done comedy, drama, action, and other genres. My buddies from the MSR film crew just make things happen, and their big thing is horror, so …that’s what people have seen most of!
CHRIS: I first learned about you when I saw you were included in the cast of a film entitled Like a Shadow, but that project has since fallen through, I understand?
Geovonna Casanova
“…the last thing I want is to be “type-casted” as solely a horror actress, BUT! I do love the genre very much. I do not mind the idea of being dubbed a ‘Scream Queen’…”
GEOVONNA: It had fallen through, but is being renamed and readapted.
CHRIS: What are you currently working on?
GEOVONNA: I am currently working on what was Like A Shadow, and is now, The Dark Lullaby.
CHRIS: I saw a screen test you did last year, and I was moved by it. The one where you are talking about a friend you were with the day before she committed suicide and she gave you no clue about her intending to do so. Was that something you were given to do on the spot and totally improvised?
GEOVONNA: Marc Blake rolled the camera and I just started speaking! It was totally improv. Nobody actually committed suicide, thankfully.
CHRIS: So far, who have been some of your favorite people to work with, on either side of the camera?
GEOVONNA: I have made a lot of friends in the industry, but some of the best and most fun have been the many wonderful people in the MSR crew, and the people who made the short, Say It; Zachary Phillips and Jason Duong. Very professional and nice people. I’m actually going to work with them again for a CMAC competition, but none of us know the details until the competition begins.
CHRIS: Is there anyone in indie films, on either side of the camera, you’d particularly love to work with, but haven’t yet?
Geovonna Casanova
“Swan Queen.” Photo by Nayomi Quinn Photography.
GEOVONNA: I’m still fairly new to the industry Only three years of being a part of the Fresno film community. Those I have worked with, both good and bad, made up the majority of the industry here in the valley. So, I’m excited to see who else I’m going to work with. I have yet to meet many actors/actresses and people behind the camera, so I can’t really pick anybody in particular.
CHRIS: In addition to acting, you also sing a play the piano as well as teach voice and piano. Which came first, the piano or singing?
GEOVONNA: Singing came basically before I started speaking. My mom said I used to hum tunes and sing in gibberish when I was a baby. Piano came a bit later.
CHRIS: Have you written songs?
GEOVONNA: I have written songs, but have not recorded or visited them in a while.
CHRIS: Have you ever been in any bands?
GEOVONNA: I’ve definitely tried to be!
CHRIS: Do you still keep your eyes and ears open for auditions for musicals?
GEOVONNA: I actually haven’t been. I do love musicals, but if I were to do any now, it would have to be a movie.
CHRIS: Do you have any skills or hobbies most people don’t know about?
Geovonna Casanova
At a 2016 recital for the advanced voice class at Fresno City College
GEOVONNA: Not quite sure. I used to write quite a bit, paint, draw, and even make clothes. I’ll dabble with them here and there now, but a lot of my focus is with music and acting. I do a lot of great accents and impersonations, too. I’ve been doing that since I was very little!
CHRIS: With that, I’ll thank you again for doing this, Geovonna. In closing, any shout-outs for anyone?
GEOVONNA: First and foremost, shout out to Marc Blake for getting my career started and for always believing in me. He’s had me do a couple ads for some apps he’s working on, and has projects lined up for me in the future. Secondly, I want to shout out the MSR crew for always having my back and giving me the most badass roles a girl could ask for. They’re some of the most professional and kind people out there in the industry! I’d like to shout out my boyfriend, Giovann, for being THE biggest supporter in all of my progress. I probably wouldn’t be as far as I am without his love, support, guidance, and help since the very start. Any family and friends out there that are rooting for me, I appreciate you. Thank you for your love and support. But, last but most certainly not least, I want to shout out my mama. She was my biggest fan. She had always known that I was going to be in movies, because I’d wanted this my whole life… she just knew. I’m doing this for me, mama, but I’m doing it for you, too. I’m going to make you proud. I love you.
CHRIS: Oh, just one more question: Why is your nickname “Gooby”?
GEOVONNA: There are these weird online comics that are creepy versions of Donald and Goofy, called “Dolan” and “Gooby.” It was a nickname that stuck. To make a long story short (laughs).

Improvisational screen test Geovonna did last year for the Domrémy Talent Agency

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