Baker’s Log – A Quick Look: Sound of Horror (1964)

Ingrid Pitt and Soledad Miranda

With rare exception, dinosaur movies usually find an audience. Here’s one of the exceptions, a film that more or less fell through the cracks after it’s theatrical run, which itself was likely cut short because it came out at a time when black and white movies were beginning to be eschewed for color ones. A party of scientists discover an ancient cave, and what they think to be fossil eggs. Unfortunately, the eggs haven’t turned to stone and soon a monstrous prehistoric beast is on the loose! That much sounds fairly standard, but another look at the title SOUND OF HORROR will remind you that the dinosaurs in this movie are invisible! Only seen in quick flashes, the absence of some solid dinosaur action likely scuttled this import with the kids. What’s there, though, is a fairly moody picture with a more interesting premise than it probably sounds. Oh, and Ingrid Pitt and Soledad Miranda (pictured above), as Sofia and Maria, respectively, provide the eye candy in this one.

Soledad Miranda

A notable footnote to be added here is the untimely death of Soledad Miranda, who was killed in a car accident in Lisbon on August 18, 1970. She was 27. She had a prolific acting career throughout the 1960s with several posthumously released films. On such film was Vampyros Lesbos, in which she played Countess Nadine Carody; arguably the most notable role of her career.

Soledad Miranda and Ewa Strömberg

Soledad Miranda and Ewa Strömberg in Vampyros Lesbos, which was first released in (then) West Germany in July 1971, nearly a year after Soledad’s death. Filmed in June to July of 1970, this film was the next-to-last film Soledid shot. The last being The Devil Came From Akasava, which was near the end of filming when Soledad was killed.

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