Billie Eftimie Revisited

She chose the movies over the mortuary

BillieWhen Billie Eftimit was first interviewed for this site, she was going by a different name and pursuing a different career. Back in April of 2012, when the former Billie Sherman graced these pages, she was going to mortuary school, which placed her under the category of “unusual occupations.” However, Billie has since changed career paths.

Besides changing occupations since that 2010 interview, Billie also changed locations. She made the big move to Los Angeles from Gulfport, Mississippi a few years ago. Since being around Tinseltown, one of the most notable roles she’s landed has been on the TV horror-drama, American Horror Story: Coven and she’s currently preparing to shoot a pilot for a TV show entitled Skylar, which Billie describes as a show with a sci-fi element that is mainly about the creator’s life and the things she has gone through.


BillieCHRIS: So, the reason I wanted to interview you the first time we met back in April 2012, was because of your unusual career choice. At the time, you were studying to become a mortician. However, since then, you’ve had a change of heart. But you did complete mortuary school?
BILLIE: First of all, thank you very much for taking time to ask me this stuff. Yes, I did finish mortuary school, but I have had six spine surgeries and found that job too hard to do, which is unfortunate, so I decided to go head on into acting, which I have loved since high school. I did all the school plays, some plays in college, and some community theater. So, I set out trying to figure out all I needed to know know and who to contact. I collected numbers for head shot photographers, talent agencies, etc. and I answered an add for my very first professional acting job, which happened to be American Horror Story: Coven. The experience was great. We had to scare these people who won a trip as the biggest AHS fans. A few years went by and I did little stuff here and there, mostly extra work.
CHRIS: You’ve also made the move from Mississippi to LA?
BILLIE: Things just were not coming together in Louisiana and Mississippi and I got a call from a old friend who said; “Why don’t you move to Los Angeles” and so I made the big move.
BillieCHRIS: You’re originally from Florida. Anything you miss about living in the southeast that you can’t seem to get in LA?
BILLIE: There is nothing I really miss about living in the Southeast, just because I love moving around. I can’t ever seem to stick in a place for more than a few years before I am itching to find a new place. I love Los Angeles.
CHRIS: So now that you’re in a hub of the film world, have you met anyone you’ve been wanting to work with?
BILLIE: I am looking to work with everyone. I love everything about this business. I did meet Tracy Morgan, which was really cool.
CHRIS: I understand you are getting ready to shoot a pilot for a TV series entitled Skylar. Please tell me about that.
BILLIE: Well, Skylar is a show with a sci-fi element. I know it is mainly about the creator’s life. The things she has gone through. To be honest, I do not know much about the premise of the show as of yet.
CHRIS: Do you have any other projects slated for the near future?
BILLIE: Yes, I do have two other projects in the works. One is a horror film called FEARS and a romantic comedy where I play the lead, called The Wedding Date 2. They will be shot in Fresno, California and directed by Barry Richie. I have been doing auditions after auditions, so hopefully, this will pick up.
CHRIS: Would you relish the chance to play a mortician, coroner, or something of that sort, to kind of put your studies to use?
BILLIE: I think it would be really fun to play a mortician or funeral director or pathologist. It would be pretty cool.


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