Baker’s Log – A Quick Look: The Seven Year Itch (1955)

Seven Year Itch

While Marilyn Monroe distinguished herself early on with dramatic pictures like NIAGARA and DON’T BOTHER TO KNOCK (I never again want to hear some limp-wristed film critic lament that Monroe never had a good legitimate acting role), she proved herself most adept at light comedies. The most remembered of these was THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH, in which Tom Ewell decides to use his wife’s vacation time to have an affair with the free-spirited neighbor played by Monroe. Instead, they become friends and she ends up helping him save his marriage. This was the film in which Marilyn infamously stood over a subway grate when a gust blew up her skirt. Although it became one of the most iconic screen moments in history, it was also reportedly the definitive moment that ended Monroe’s marriage to Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio. To preserve her modesty, Monroe requested two pair of undies, but she might as well’ve been uncovered under those bright studio lights (this doesn’t show in the movie itself, but there are a few press shots where you can see what you shouldn’t). Dozens of cameramen were on the set to record this moment, and they went wild. Still, THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH remains one of those essentials, and Monroe probably never made another film as good or popular.

Marilyn Monroe

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