The Ladies of Space Babes from Outer Space

A candid chat with the film's three out-of-this-world stars

Space Babes From Outer Space

Brian K. Williams’ 2017 sci-fi comedy Space Babes from Outer Space opens with waitress Flow (played by Kelsey Carlisle) asking her dad to tell her young son a bedtime story because she got called in for the evening shift at “Booty Bettie’s Fish and Tits.” Dad reluctantly agrees, but rather than telling the child a more traditional children’s tale (writings he considers “pussified horseshit”), he opts for an adult fairy tale that begins with the Space Babes (winningly portrayed by Alyss Winkler, Ellie Church, and Allison Maier as Ragyna, Carrieola, and Vanassa, respectively) in their breast-shaped spaceship from planet Titty City, doing battle against the evil Scrotes. I was hooked on this film even before Carrieola said; “Hey Babes, I don’t want to sound testie, but I think that we may be dealing with a bigger load than we can handle this time! We got a second Scrote about to join the party and he’s coming in hard and fast,” to which Ragyna replies; “They always do seem to come in pairs.” This movie is just pure enjoyment from beginning to end.

The three ladies in the titular (oh, you bet there’s a pun intended) roles were all involved in new projects at the time I contacted them, and they still are as this goes to press, but they still graciously granted me an interview via a Facebook group chat. Read on and enjoy it. Above is the film’s official poster, with excellent likenesses of Alyss, Ellie, and Allison, by Corlen Kruger.

Alyss Winkler
Alyss as Ragyna
CHRIS CHARLES: You ladies were great in Space Babes from Outer Space. Really. I wasn’t expecting much before watching it, but it was really a fun movie with all the makings of being a cult favorite and your three particularly shined. Before Space Babes, I know Ellie and Alyss had met on Plank Face. Had either of you met Allison before Space Babes?
ALYSS WINKLER: Thank you! I met Allison only during space babes if I remember correctly. But I had seen some previous work she was in. Ellie and I met before Plank Face through mutual friends.
ELLIE CHURCH: Yeah, I knew Alyss just a little before Plank Face, maybe a few months?? I met Allison, maybe …two years prior to Space Babes on the set of Frankenstein Created Bikers. I spent two weeks in Atlanta for that film, and met Allison and a ton of other people that I grew to love. I made the move to Atlanta about two and a half years after Frankenstein Created Bikers.
ALLISON MAIER: Yes, I met Alyss for the first time when I went up to film Space Babes. We did all Skype before meeting up in Indiana to film. I met Ellie on Frankenstein Created Bikers. We spent a lot of time together on set, but we were not in many scenes together. Everyone was wonderful and I think Alyss and Ellie will agree that once we all got together it was magic! We were all instantly one big film family on Space Babes.
CHRIS: How were you first contacted about appearing in the film?
ALLISON: Brian contacted me and asked me for my headshot and resume and reel. From there we had multiple conversations. He then sent me the script to review. I had to submit multiple tapes. After conversations spanning several weeks I had a Skype meeting with Brian and Scott. From there I was offered the role in the film. After some further conversations, I accepted the role.
ALYSS: Brian talked to me about the role. He let let me know there was a part he considered me for and asked me if I was interested.
Alyss Winkler
Ellie as Carrieola
ELLIE: Brian had definitely considered using another actress to play the role of Carrieloa, since I had been in everything he had made up until then. Brian thought he would bring in someone new, I actually encouraged him to do so, but in the end, he asked me to do it. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it at the time, but I’m glad I took it.
CHRIS: I assume shooting the film was a lot of fun for you ladies. How long did it take for you three to film your scenes and were there any particularly memorable behind-the-scenes experiences?
ELLIE: I’m thinking the shoot lasted 10 days? In that time we also completed behind the scenes interviews, and a photo shoot. I think I had the most fun, meeting in the same place each morning , and just talking and drinking coffee while we got our hair and makeup done. It was nice to have that chill time together before we started our crazy day.
ALYSS: I enjoyed the behind the scenes in the bar we shot at, which in is in Bloomington and is called Night Moves. When the film was made, I was working there. All the girls on set were friends and we all goofed off when the camera wasn’t rolling. It was nothing but laughter and good times.
ALLISON: Honestly, I had a wonderful experience shooting every day. I was there for eight days but I think I only filmed for seven and stayed the last day just for fun and to help out on set because I loved everyone so much. My favorite parts were filming at Night Moves. It was such a cool location, and so many hilarious parts of the film were shot there. The vomit scene, the golden shower scene, the Scrotes. Anytime we were all together shooting it was a total blast. I remember the first time I saw the Scrotes I laughed so hard! I was worried about being able to keep it together for scenes with them, but somehow we managed (laughs).
Allison Maier
Allison as Vanassa
CHRIS: The group sex scene at the end seemed to be intended as sort of parody of such scenes one would see in a 1970s adult film. Was there any awkwardness for anyone while shooting that scene or was it just as much fun as everything else was?
ALLISON: There wasn’t any awkwardness for me. Everyone on set was very professional. All of us who were acting in the scene talked about the mood and tone before shooting and kept it fun and professional. I talked to Brian about the tone of the scene prior to shooting and he was receptive to any questions we had during filming. It helped that we filmed that later on so we all had a level of comfort having worked together already on other scenes.
ELLIE: We are all pretty comfortable with each other, and shooting that scene was mostly funny. Especially when Brian Papandrea took his shirt off and announced that he had shaved around his nipples.
ALYSS: The scene was fun to shoot. Everyone was professional and had a good time. I think all of us had fun just being silly.
CHRIS: Do you see this film as a potential cult classic and you three ladies often being asked to make appearances together at events or conventions in the future?
ALYSS: I think this film will definitely become a cult classic. A lot of people comment on how much they enjoyed it and that they have to always show their friends. I get a lot of messages or run into people at conventions that constantly ask if Allison and Ellie are somewhere nearby because they like to take a group photo with all of us.
ELLIE: I think anything is possible. I also think Space Babes is extremely rewatchable and fun, and gets a great reaction anywhere it’s shown. It has all of the characteristics of a cult classic. All it takes is for it to get out there to the masses. And I would love to do appearances in the future with these girls. They’re both awesome and fun to be around.
CHRIS: With that, I’ll thank you ladies so much for taking the time to do this and I’ll look forward to seeing the three of you together someday soon at an event. In closing, just one last question: Did you get to keep your wardrobes from the film?
ALYSS: No, we didn’t get to keep the clothes. They auctioned them off. I still have my lip gloss though from the film.

Space Babes with the Scrotes
Behind the scenes with the Scrotes

Alyss, Ellie, and Allison
The Space Babes shortly after their landing on Earth, where they hope to harness
enough sexual energy to refuel their spaceship and get back to their home planet.

Official trailer



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  1. I watched this and saw so many familiar faces. Plank Face is the other film I saw Alyss, Ellie, and Lexi Thompson in. Also saw Alyss and Kelsey in Amazon Hot Box with Tristan Risk.

  2. Lexi Thompson is a girl I would have liked to see more of. Hard to find more on her because when I Google her name, most of the results are for a pro golfer with that name.

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