Eating Out with Nadia White

Adult entertainment star ventures into the world of competitive eating

Despite her main occupation, Eating Out with Nadia White is a new Youtube-based show about the popular porn star eating food. More specifically, the show will feature Nadia visiting restaurants throughout the US, and perhaps beyond, that offer food challenges and host eating contests.

Putting large quantities in her mouth is nothing new for Nadia (yeah, okay, I couldn’t resist), but competitive eating is something she’s only been at for the last few months. She may be new to the game, but Nadia’s been pretty successful so far, with an impressive showing at WIP94 Sports Radio’s Wing Bowl 26 in Philadelphia and conquering a famous Steak Challenge that’s been feature at the Food Network’s Man v. Food show. This article at the Adult Video New website covers that in more detail.

Of course, this is just speculation, but what Nadia may do to keep from eventually being classified as a “BBW” adult performer, with all this gluttonous glory, is something that will enable her to tap into a certain sub-genre of the adult entertainment industry.

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