Annie Silvester and Joyce Morocco for Niagara Falls Businesses

One for the "Haven't I seen (a lot more of) her somewhere else before?" file

Above is a March 2017 spot with Annie Silvester and Joyce Morocco, editor-in-chiefs of Niagara Buzz and Destination Niagara Falls, respectively, announcing they have teamed up to create video marketing packages for businesses in the Niagara area, a beautiful region that has mush more to offer than its legendary falls.

If you believe you’ve seen (a lot) more of Miss Silvester somewhere else before, it’s probably because she is/was best known to many as Naked News anchor Roxanne West, who was with Toronto-based “show with nothing to hide” from 2001-2012 (see below).

Annie as Roxanne West, in an official Naked News promo photo
Victoria and Roxanne
The original nude newscast team; Victoria Sinclair and Roxanne, circa 2005

Annie/Roxanne was the second nude newscaster to join Naked News, partnering with original anchor Victoria Sinclair (who delivered the news solo until Roxanne’s arrival), in late 2001. After her stint with Naked News, Annie dropped the Roxanne West moniker and in 2012, became the lead (often sole and, of course, clothed) anchor for the now defunct online news site Bullet News Niagara. After Bullet News Niagara folded at the end of 2015, Annie founded Niagara Buzz. Oh, as for Joyce; although I’m sure she’s held noteworthy positions before Destination Niagara Falls, I doubt she’s had any as revealing as Annie’s most noteworthy former occupation.

2009 “Naked News Commentary” segment in which Annie/Roxanne
shares her somewhat surprisingly conservative viewpoint.

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