Brandi Marie King on Crypt TV

Although this Crypt TV episode entitled “Instawolf” isn’t entirely original (hat tip to 2015’s “Selfie From Hell,”  starring Meelah Adams) and the special effects aren’t quite up to Hollywood standards, it’s nothing short of awesome, to use an overused word.

Brandi Marie King, the emerald-eyed star of this one is a lady who is fairly new on the indie film scene, but is on the rise, as you can see from her IMDb page. You can see more of Brandi at her Youtube channel, where she’s already answered a lot of fans’ questions, including the most frequently asked one she gets, the answer to that one being; yes, they’re real. Her eyes! She’s also on Twitter.

Brandi Marie King
Behind the scenes shot of Brandi and her co-star during the making of “Instawolf”

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