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The former “Semket Suicide" and author of horrifying short stories

Pippa BaileyAs stated in her bio, Pippa Bailey is a short story writer, voice actress, reviewer, and all-round good person. She likes tea (she’s British), horror (she’s attended some of the most popular horror conventions in the UK), and Star Wars (yes, she has dressed as Princess Leia, but no, it wasn’t in the metal bikini). She also posts some of the most hilariously twisted memes on Facebook. Her specialty is short horror, but she recently finished a novella, which she says is her first foray into erotic horror.

Among one of the juicy and lesser-known facts about Pippa, is that she was a Suicide Girl. Unfortunately, “Semket Suicide” can no longer be found at the SG official site. However, Pippa tells me that she plans on doing some modeling sessions with a photographer this year from Darkslide Photography. She says she’ll be doing a shoot for a women in horror calendar and will be baring all in one shoot in particular. Learn more in her following recent interview. All photos courtesy of Pippa herself.

Pippa BaileyCHRIS CHARLES: First off, I know you’re a big horror fan. You’ve told me that you’ve sort of casually interviewed a few famous names at events. Who were some?
PIPPA BAILEY: Gosh, I’d love to have fully interviewed people at events, but I’ve been kinda limited as to how many I could fully interview due to how busy the events are. At the last Horror convention I attended I was able to have a great chat with Adam Nevill about the release of the film The Ritual and how the creatures had been adapted from his novel to the big screen. Which was fantastic. I also do a smaller form of interview or question, which I post every day to help people network and to gain an insight into what they write and why. For example, today I posed the question; “How do you celebrate an accepted book submission?” I get some fantastic responses, and one of my regular responders is the brilliant Ramsey Campbell.
CHRIS: I’ve read some of your short stories and loved them In “Scarred,” you paint a clear picture. Was expecting some kind of a surprise ending, but didn’t guess it would be that. Very good. Instead of an ending leaving you thinking; “Yes, of course. I’d do that too if I were her,” it leaves you wondering “Huh? why?”
Pippa Bailey
At Comichaus last June
PIPPA: I actually had a conversation tonight regarding this very story and the ending. I wanted to look at the life of my character as being something so unfulfilling for her. She questioned her self, what she wanted, who she really was. I suppose you could relate it to the characters in Saw, who learn from their experiences, their lives and love of life renewed. I enjoy writing characters who learn from their experiences, but don’t respond in the way you’d expect. They don’t grow and become better people. They do what it takes to survive, or in the case of my character in “Scarred.” She wants others to learn from her experience, escape from their own mundane lives. She will help provide them this twisted opportunity to live.
CHRIS: It would make a good short film. Have you considered that?
PIPPA: I hadn’t, to be honest, I think because it’s the first story I ever wrote I didn’t have high expectations for it. I wasn’t expecting such a positive response. So, to think that people enjoyed it that much, is incredibly flattering. A later story that I released; “The People that in Darkness Sat,” I would love to see turned into a short film. I think it would be sick, twisted and certainly make for great visuals.
CHRIS: A Stephen King fan would probably love “Oh, Christmas Tree.” You like a bit of gore in your stories now and again?
Pippa Bailey
At Horror Con in Sheffield last April. Idol Features contributor Arfon Jones is in the background. As of this writing, he and Pippa never met. He just happened to be there when this photo was taken.
PIPPA: Yes I do, because I think that it adds an entirely visceral element to the story. It’s fine to tell a story, bit you need your read to feel what’s happening. They need to know how it sounds to have someone lung pierced an inch from their eat, and hear that final breath rattle, or the slop of offal hitting fresh snow, the crackle of ice melting from the heat, steam rising. I like my stories to make people feel.
CHRIS: Another short of yours I loved was “Behind You,” but it’s actually a prequel to a longer story entitled “An Acquired Taste”?
PIPPA: That is correct, the longer story is set to become a novella this year, hopefully. It is my foray into erotic horror. It tells the tale of investigator Rhea Pascal, as she with the help of Jane Hawkwood, search for a creature that had been attacking men in the night. This creature, a succubus, is searching for the ultimate flavour. Hunting men for the one that will satisfy her. “Behind You” was a fun flash to write. I won’t tell you the inspiration behind the story. I expect there to be a few raised eyebrows at that story.
CHRIS: Would you say this will be the first of your erotic horror works?
PIPPA: Yes, this will possibly be first and last. I don’t know exactly if I will continue more in this vein, but it has certainly been a thrill to write!
CHRIS: I’ve asked you in the past about some of your short stories being adapted to graphic novels with the right illustrator. In fact, someone I had in mind was Arfon Jones, who is an Idol Features contributor and someone you almost met, as evident in a photo of you in which he’s in the background! When and where that was taken?Pippa Bailey
That was taken at Horror Con in Sheffield in April 2017. I had a fantastic time, and met some brilliant authors and creators. I left with far more books and art than my bag could hold. I highly recommend you visit any of the horror cons in the UK and further afield to get a taste of what is on offer from the indie scene. Especially when looking for a creator to work with or look at for an influence for a new project. I thoroughly look forward to working with some new creators on future projects, certainly when creating art from my stories.
CHRIS: Shifting gears now; you’re also a musician and composer?
PIPPA: Yes I am, I’m a trained classical composer, and a vocalist. Unfortunately, due to an accident in 2009, I can’t play many instruments anymore, so I’ve limited myself to singing, which I do therapeutically. I do highly recommend singing to relieve stress. It’s fantastic for body and mind. I would love to pick up an instrument again, but unfortunately I can’t physically make my hands do what I want them to do. I will be composing sheet music which will appear in my novel, Lux.
CHRIS: That’s interesting. Another not-so-well-known and interesting facts about you is that you used to be a Suicide Girl. Did you ever appear on the Suicide Girls website?
Pippa BaileyPIPPA: Hey, yes I was back in 2013. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to complete the photo shoot for the main page due to personal reasons. Do I regret not having my final photo shoot; yes! Damn right I do. But I fully intend on working with a fantastic photographer this year from Darkslide Photography, and will be doing some fun modelling sessions. On one shoot in particular I will be baring all ….bar a few book pages for a women in horror calendar.
CHRIS: I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that. I understand you’ve also done some cosplay. Will you work that into any upcoming photo shoots?
PIPPA: Oh definitely, I’m intending on working the Luna Lovegood cosplay into a few photo shoots, and possibly my Princess Leia outfit. I adored making that cosplay as I hand sewed the entire thing from scratch. I do love to cosplay, and I’d really love to work on a Poison Ivy costume next.
CHRIS: So is there a story behind your tattoos?
PIPPA: Oh, the one on my back is a plant called lords and ladies or angels and demons. It’s a kind of lily. It’s poisonous, but beautiful. I loved it and intend on getting it extended, and on my shoulder I have clock cogs which is linked with my love of steam punk.
CHRIS: Do you have any other unique facts about you or special skills you’d like to mention?
PIPPA: Oh, I have a genetic condition called EDS which makes me incredibly flexible and I’m a little bit of an X-woman in regard to being bendy.
CHRIS: With that, I’ll thank you again for doing this Pippa. In closing, any shout-outs to anyone?
PIPPA: Oh yea please! I’d love to give a shout out to Matt Cash and Em Dehaney of Burdizzo Books and Andy Simon of Darkslide Photography. Thank you so much for the interview.

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