Destiny Soria – The Unintentional Featured Leg Model

Earlier this month, The Kitten Tribune ran a bluntly-titled article on why men masturbate to women’s legs. With the article, they ran several photos of an anonymous model with very nice legs (of course), which were cropped to show her only from about the midriff down.

Turned out the owner of those legs, Destiny Soria, a lady who’s graced our pages in the past, caught the article just recently and noticed those lovely gams belonged to her. After catching her Facebook post about her discovery (above), I thought her learning that her images were used in such an article, unbeknownst to her, would be grounds for her to be outraged and lead to some online drama. No so. Read on to learn that there was actually no harm done and Destiny was a very good sport about the matter.

Destiny's Legs
Destiny’s Legs in black and white from the same photo shoot. Photo courtesy of Destiny herself.
CHRIS: Did it come as a complete surprise to you when you found out your legs were featured at that article?
DESTINY: Yeah! I was like okay … one told me about it. I did those photos like five years ago (laughs).
CHRIS: Who first brought the article to your attention?
DESTINY: I did. I knew they were mine cause I have the photos too. And I worked with them on films and photo shoots. They just started up the magazine. I’m pretty proud of them! It’s a couple that works together on their projects!
CHRIS: Ahh, I see. So it wasn’t as if some site unknown to you lifted your photos from somewhere and ran them with their article. Still, are you going to contact The Kitten Tribune and ask them do give the photographer credit and you credit as the model?
DESTINY: It’s theirs. They started up the magazine, but I didn’t see the article until now.
CHRIS: Did you read the full article?
CHRIS: Do you still have the shoes or any other items you were wearing in those photos?
DESTINY: I have the skirt only now.
CHRIS: Think it might be a good idea to list it on eBay now?
DESTINY: If I was famous (laughs).
CHRIS: Well, you’ve been a really good sport about this Destiny. In closing, do you have anything you’d like to say to the men who’ve pleasured themselves while looking at those photos of your legs?
DESTINY: No comment (laughs).

You can see Destiny in her latest film role as Maria, in Christian Rousseau’s feature film, No Loss, No Gain, which is slated for release next month.

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