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12 ladies who've graced our pages say how they're reflective of their Zodiac signs

Julia 17Some ladies, particularity those in the performing arts, identify strongly with their Zodiac signs. While some believe their character traits, strong points, and idiosyncrasies are directly reflective of the astrological sign they were born under, others feel we all share certain traits, regardless of our stars, but still acknowledge leaning towards certain characteristics associated with their signs.

When the subject of Zodiac signs came up during a conversation I was having a few months ago with actress and screenwriter Andreea Boyer (pictured at right in a sneek preview of the still unveiled poster from her upcoming film, Julia 17), who feels she is the essence of a true Libra. That sparked an idea to do a piece in which 12 ladies, one from each sign of the Zodiac and all of whom have previously graced the pages of Idol Features, would put into words how she is reflective of her Zodiac sign. This is that piece.

The following 12 gracious replies received are as individually unique as the personalities of those who responded, and all of their responses are in their original, unedited forms. A big thanks goes out to the 12 ladies featured here, who accepted my request to be a part of this article and took the time to give their thoughtful replies. The photos also courtesy of all the ladies, except where otherwise noted.

Kristina Michelle

Capricorn – Kristina Michelle

I think I very much live up to being a Capricorn. I’m very grounded, responsible, and reasonable, with a tendency to see things through logic rather than emotion. I think things through a lot more. I wouldn’t say I’m an overachiever, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to myself; always trying to do more or do better. I can also be quite stubborn and hardheaded at times, and I’m very frugal, though not to the point of being cheap. So I cover pretty much all of the Capricorn basics; the good and bad. (Photo by Sirron Imagery)

Kristina is a film producer and the creative force behind the Indie Gathering International Film Festival, based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Her alter ego is Lamia, Queen of the Dark.

Samantha Marcellin

Aquarius – Samantha Marcellin

Like a warm breeze blowing through the trees on the last warm day of fall, I am at home in Aquarius. While it may be an air sign, there has never been anything particularly light about me. I pass through life with the determination of a summer storm, leaving a mark and making myself noticed. I have always had the drive to make change where I go, whether it be in my personal life or be it by bringing new ideas to my passions. The arts are a key focus of the water bearer and I am no exception. The theater, film, and crafting are my main passions as they are full of the variety I crave. I find solace after bursts of creativity in the stillness of home, where I am surrounded by paintings, candles, cats, and my Virgo husband, whose earth sign grounds the storm and is my perfect match. I soar and fly in any direction the wind takes me. (Photo by Richard Lukacs)

Samantha is an actress, makeup artist, producer, and co-founder of Crone Cult Pictures, based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Maggie Tan

Pisces – Maggie Tan

I’m a Pisces that can’t swim, but apart from that, the other descriptions about Pisceans suit me to a T. I am generous and caring and would give you the shirt off my back. Being compassionate and artistic, I tend to see the world through rose-colored lenses. Sometimes I paint people in a better light than they truly are. That’s because I want to escape from reality, another Piscean trait. Escaping from reality is my weakness. I love people, but also crave my alone time. Pisceans are said to be tolerant and are never judgmental and always forgiving. That is true, but I am an elephant that never forgets.

Maggie is a former fashion model who’s now a very successful realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lien Mya Nguyen

Aries – Lien Mya Nguyen

People under the Aries sign are believed to be like a child who is frank, enthusiastic, fierce, a bit hotheaded, and loyal to their friends. Since Aries is the first astrological sign in spring, during which everything comes to life, the Arians are believed to be always vigorous and passionate. To be honest, I do feel like a child and want to live like a child. Have fun and be free. I am mature when it comes to work, but when it’s playtime, I’m a child all around. I am very fierce when it comes to something I’m passionate about. I can’t really say I’m hotheaded (laughs). I am a very calm person and don’t get angry easily. I will have to admit I am a very loyal friend. Almost every friend of mine can confirm it. Even when my friends betray me, I am still there for them. I have recently started learning to let go of the ones who aren’t loyal to me. Friendship and loyalty goes both ways. I am very full of energy and I’m passionate for art, in all kinds of art. I always try to find a new medium to find out new things I never knew I was good at or liked.

Mya is a film producer and the publisher of Effective magazine, based out of Portland, Oregon.

Denise Lawrence

Taurus – Denise Lawrence

Since as long as I remember, I have identified with being a Taurus. So much so, that I actually have three bull-related tattoos! The most well-known characteristics of a Taurean include being stubborn, practical, and sensual, with a taste for the finer things. My stubborn streak can manifest in so many different ways. I refuse to allow those I love to compromise on certain things. I push my children, husband, and friends to bring their “A game” at all times. I am ambitious and intolerant about inefficiency. Failing because of lack of effort infuriates me! I can’t stand that! Don’t mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns. My practical/reliable side comes out in a lot of areas in my life. In my bands, I am known as “the band mom.” My BFF refers to me as her “rock” and my husband often jokes that my kids would be lost without me. I take care of my people and I am fiercely loyal to them, another trait of Tauruses. Having a taste for the finer things is one of the Taurean characteristics that could come off sounding snobbish, but for me it is imperative to enjoy every moment of this too short life. Cooking good food with quality ingredients, creating a craft cocktail, discovering a delicious new beer (I like Belgians), sipping on the perfect wine, a strong cup of coffee, having art on my walls, beautiful music playing …these things are needs for me as a sensual and tactile Taurus and I make them priorities in my life. I like to think that my loved ones benefit from having this strong, independent bull in their corner. (Photo by Carlton Pillar)

Denise is the bassist for the Norfolk, Virginia-based female rock trio, the Drendas.

Michelle Tomlinson

Gemini – Michelle Tomlinson

I am a full-blown Gemini and proud of it. My love for honesty helps me cut through the nonsense of trivial chatter and allows me to dive deep into intense conversation, even with strangers at the grocery store. I trust very few people, but those whom I DO trust, I trust with everything and I don’t hold anything back. My interests are vast and my curiosity is constantly piqued so I totally come off nosy, when I’m more like a hyper kid with tons of questions. The ability to cover up my vulnerability around others helps me build different characters when it comes to acting and serves me well. I love love, and my love of mental stimulation draws me into close relationships with people who are smarter than I am and who enjoy good banter and thought-provoking conversations. I reckon that’s why I married someone with 9,000 books on bookshelves! Mercury is my ruling planet, which means I’m completely screwed when it’s in retrograde. Sharing a birthday with Marilyn Monroe, Powers Boothe, and Morgan Freeman makes me feel pretty fierce. (Photo by James DePietro)

Michelle is an actress, acting coach, and the creator/producer of An Intimate Look with Michelle Tomlinson.

Collette England

Cancer – Collette England

I am everything a Cancer embodies. I am an intense and passionate personality. I am intuitive and good at reading people, basing most my interactions off a good or bad vibe. I am passionate, not just in love, but in everything I do. My relationships must be deep and meaningful or I quickly lose interest. I don’t do anything “half ass.” Admittedly, I don’t cope well with heartbreak or letdowns. I am a great person to be friends with and I can be extremely generous because I genuinely love to make people happy. However, I am turned off by selfish, pushy people and once you let me down, I’m out.

I love affection but I also love time alone. Sometimes I just need some time and space alone to work through things. Not unlike the crab, who comes out but occasionally crawls back into its shell. I have been described as mysterious and can’t say I don’t like that. I am often misread by others, until you get to know me. I am a moody person and can swing from one extreme to another. Not something I am particularly proud of, but I accept that about myself. My home and the comfort and the protection of it are important to me. I am empathetic and sentimental. It’s not hard for me to put myself in someone else’s shoes. I am and always will be a dreamer. I am open-minded and imaginative. Once I get something in my head, I’m off and running. I don’t like to fit in “boxes” or to be limited by boundaries. I am strong and resilient. My sensitivity doesn’t mean I am weak. I am capable of taking life’s punches. My family and loved ones come first. I can be very protective, like a junkyard dog, if necessary. No one messes with the people I love. Just when someone thinks they’ve got me all figured out, I will go and do something totally unexpected. (Photo by Mindy Ess)

Collette is a comedienne and the drummer for the Norfolk, Virginia-based female rock trio, the Drendas.

Genoveva Rossi

Leo – Genoveva Rossi

I have always felt I embodied the true Leo spirit. This magnificent cat with this glorious mane set to pounce triumphantly upon the world. I have always had this creative spark within me; for acting, for writing, for painting, for tarot, for love. Through the ups and downs of life, I try to hold onto a sense of optimism and cheerfulness. Leos don’t like to admit defeat. When I was at a voodoo shop in New Orleans, I was told I was filled with this great love. I feel that I am filled with love for life, adventure, my creative pursuits, and the people who support me. I am a rather social person with many friends who enjoys going to many interesting events. Like a lion, I am a hunter and very ambitious, especially with my acting. Leos reach for the top and are highly focused. Also, I am often told I am organized, frank, and outspoken. I am a sensitive kitty, but I often keep my feelings to myself. In love, I am a lady whom holds herself like a true queen of the jungle, but pounces once in the bedroom. Meow! (Photo by Michael Nagy)

Genoveva is one of the premiere Scream Queens in the indie horror film industry and is based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Arielle Brachfeld

Virgo – Arielle Brachfeld

When the subject of horoscopes gets brought up, I must admit I feel silly relying on wisdom that’s gleaned from them. By and large, I think we’re all more similar than different. We all share traits that are determined to be dominant in a given sign. The human personality is flexible. Trust me, I’m an actor. But there are some traits I identify with when considering “Virgo.” I am very hardworking and loyal. I love being in nature, and reading. I’m practical and methodical. I have a hard time in the spotlight, and if there was an Olympic medal for worrying, I’d have a veritable Fort Knox of gold medallions. I consider horoscopes to be a way to self-analyze, to check in with one’s approach to things. Honestly, they fall in the same category as art and story. They’re a tool to help interpret the world and our place in it. I take horoscopes with a grain of salt, which may in fact be a very Virgoish thing to say. (Photo by Edward Gusts)

Arielle is an indie film actress and a top Scream Queen in the indie horror film industry, and is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Andreea Boyer

Libra – Andreea Boyer

A Libra needs balance in her life. She won’t be intrusive as a peacemaker if someone doesn’t want that, but she will try her best to accomplish her mission. She can be out of balance as well if she is not respected and she might make radical decisions, but those would be for the best for both sides. She pays attention to the feelings from the people she is surrounded with. And especially, she is a careful protector with her own family. She won’t ever make a wrong decision or share her negative mood with them. A Libra is lionhearted and unstoppable. She can also reflect the rainbow of her feelings on others. It can be dark blue if she doesn’t feel loved by the man she is in a relationship with. But most of the time she reflects the colors for love, passion, and trust.

Libra is the ultimate representation for passion, unconditional love, and the desire for having the own career and the private life in balance. She always seeks for affection in a relationship. A Libra is always willing to do her best to keep her relationship with others on a stable basis. Her priority is always to make her friends and her own family happy. In return, she wants fairness, loyalty, respect, and honesty. Once a Libra woman has opened towards a man about her feelings, which she doesn’t share with everyone, because she seems often to be a introvert, then he can definitely consider this signal of hers as significant. She doesn’t know the word boredom because she is the optimal sign who loves to entertain others and who puts more value on the private time she spends with a special person.

A Libra is not happy when she deals with mysterious people who don’t respect her or who don’t tell her right away what why they want to be in contact with her, or who might have malicious intentions. A Libra has distinctive instincts and she recognizes right away who she likes and who not. It’s impossible to convince her about something when she denies it in the first place. If this wish of hers is not respected, then she might turn into a thunderstorm. She might takes her time to think about her future decisions, but once she has told her opinion, then it can’t be changed.

She hates arguments and she always tries her best with her actions to circumvent those. She can keep a distance, but she does not vanish when it is about responsibility, as she is always a person who fights for the best and tries to find a resolution for both sides. A Libra is not an egomaniac. She loves the idyllic life, but she doesn’t mind having a spontaneous trip with a adventurous person. In fact, a Libra is spontaneous in her private life. Also, if she does like or love someone, then she is always sure about her feelings. She is a person who perseveres in her business and her private life, which also means that she loves having a stable private life and her work in balance. She can spend a long time alone but she is convivial as well and enjoys the time with her friends or her partner. Usually, a Libra is a sign who doesn’t want to constantly change her partners. So her inclination is to be together with the one she loves for a long time. Yes, it is true that she likes to receive intensely fragrant flowers from her partner who she’s in a relationship with. Even if it has been a extremely busy time at work, this attention from her partner is always welcome.

And yes, it is true that a Libra wishes to be involved right away in a serious relationship with the man she loves. So don’t take your time and tell her honestly on the first date what you feel for her that you can imagine a future with her and your time with her will be filled with passion.

Andreea is an actress and screenwriter based near Munich, Germany. Her recent film, Julia 17, that she wrote, directed, and stars in, has been recently selected and nominated for awards by several international film festivals.

Alexis Iacono

Scorpio – Alexis Iacono

At the age of 12, I solved a major hit and run in my neighborhood. It was then, I knew I had skill. My grandfather Joseph was a great cop on the Lower East Side of NYC, where most of my family still resides today. But what I didn’t know was my mother’s first cousin Anthony was a detective.

There is not a person yet, both men and woman, both gay and straight, who has been introduced to me that hasn’t uttered these words;  “Wow! Umm, I’m attracted to you …your eyes …there is something about you …I don’t know? I don’t think I want to mess with you, though. I am frightened of you.” My favorite is; “If there was ever a war, I am running to you for safety.” And as of last week, a dear friend of mine said these exact words; “Alexis, if I ever went missing, I know you would be the one to find me.” Yes. She would be correct since she was missing and I found her …safely. (Her phone died and she was having too much fun, but with my sleuthing skill, I found her.)

It wasn’t until the past few years that it has been brought to my attention that Scorpio’s professions are either in forensics, as investigators, or as detectives. I have been approached throughout my life by cops, detectives, FBI agents, Army, Navy, to even gangsters, who either thought I was an undercover cop or offered me a job. I missed the boat on these dangerously exotic paths …by choice. I knew if I became a detective. I would not sleep until I found every single one of my assigned targets until the day I die. Instead, the path that fell into my lap that I love with no regrets, is what I call a “dirty martini.” Mix detective with a little bit of gangster. I am a film producer.

The Scorpio stinger sign has been misconstrued for centuries. I get very offended when “secretive” is considered a bad trait. Secretive for a Scorpio is a silent synonym for the word “trust.” Do not assume I am hiding something. If you want to know about me. Just ask. One of my nicknames on set is “Shovels.” People assume I dig for answers. The truth is, people come to me. Not because I have all the answers. I just listen without judgement. I also believe being born and raised in New York has a lot to do with it. We believe in respect, as do Scorpios. So when I come across messy bratty protesting millennials, choosing sore loser spoon-fed opportunity, who re-introduced this wimpy epidemic called fear, rather than their heart. Yes, I will have you for breakfast.

I have realized I do not do well with personalities who are controlling passive-aggressives. These types always seem to have miscommunications, and tantrums for attention instead of fighting for something meaningful, or enjoy arguing and prefer leaving things unsettled and awkward. This may sound strange, but I love when I am wrong. This has always been an incorrect assumption about me. I am only right or know an answer when there is something I experienced and witnessed and I can talk about it. I love when I do not know something or I am wrong. Because I love to learn. And in some ways I find apologizing freeing. I am not saying I am the poster child for perfection, but this I do know about myself: I listen well. I observe and I must say, I get my kicks solving problems. I prefer closure over being flaky. Wit and sarcastic over whiny and scared. I choose communication over confrontation. I’m passionate, not needy.

I have been told that Scorpios has some questionable traits, like being obsessive, jealous, and resentful. Well, we are human. I have been through every human emotion and will continue to do so. Mind you, these feelings are all in moderation and I realize I obsess over closures. I believe in finishing what you start. Accomplishment, whether the answer is yes or no in any situation. Regardless of the answer, your mind body and soul can move forward. I am a firm believer in communication. I also realize many of my traits lean professionally towards producing. That word “jealousy” I cannot stand. That to me is the root of all evil. Not money. I get envious, but more along the lines of hearing someone is going to Hawaii. And yes, I care for a guy, a little healthy envy punch in the stomach here and there. Sounds weird, but that means I care for you, not obsess. Look, we all have our moments in life. I have what I like to call “healthy hiccups.” What can I say? I prefer “living” than in a fear sleep coma. The truth is, we are all going to get hurt from a profession and in love. It is up to the individual what profession and who is it worth being hurt by. Sometimes it isn’t always doom and gloom. You think of a situation negatively, then that is the destiny you created for yourself. Holding grudges or comparing the past with the present. Your health will deteriorate, and you will never allow yourself to breathe, feel, love, and be successful. I preach this because I, even on my worst day, have always been very comfortable in my skin. I never cared much for pleasing others, and do not care what the world thinks of me. I believe in fighting for what and who you want in your life. You know who (personal) and what (professional) a fly-by-night is and who and what is worth fighting for. It is indeed a frighteningly freeing feeling that is absolutely worth it.

I cannot speak for other female Scorpios. But there are reasons why I am secretive and private. I have to be careful who I let in. I seem to attract people that must know everything about me. I must be careful since I have experienced people wanting to meddle and want to know every move I make. I have been told to take it as a compliment, but sometimes people tend to overstep boundaries in my life, especially in my personal life. So for those who want to know about me, ask me rather than assuming what I want, who I like, who I am with, and especially, what I am thinking. You do not want to know what goes through my mind, so kindly know your boundaries.

Passion. I must admit, my major fault is I tend to hide my feelings, which can cause problems in my relationships. This can be misconstrued as for me not caring. This is the complete opposite. I just believe in space. Don’t get me wrong, a guy that I am passionate about, I do not want months to go by until we meet again, but what I do enjoy and it takes the same brain to understand this, is that I like it when we are not in each other’s faces every day. I enjoy missing you, just a little. Hookups and ego-filled floppy and safe to not-having-true-feelings, reckless-with-yourself-to-fill-the-void, one-nighters are fulfilling for a fleeting moment. But there is one thing you cannot fake: Chemistry. Eye contact, a touch, and a kiss.

Privacy. The truth is, although people want to see other people happy. Many of them also make sure for it not to work out. Reasons for this rant is only because of a lifetime of experience. People like to test me. There are two things my friends and colleagues can back me up on: I do not lie and I certainly do not play games. So when people try to play games, you can try all you want to try to checkmate. You do something mean or insulting, you are sneaky, lie, or cheat. Whether you are a guy or girl purposefully trying to mess up my relationship with a guy I’m with, or you’re sociopathic social media trolls, trying to ruin my professional reputation, I just simply sit back and watch as you fall on your own sword by your choices. Do not blame my stinger for your insecure incompetence, and that is why Scorpios are feared. We have a superhuman talent of reading people and listening to our intuition. We know who will do what before they do, because we are willing to understand, and yes with some demand behind it. We want to be understood, loved and protected, not tested. And the only mind fuck we like is in bed.

To be a Scorpio is a gift and a curse. A gift because I actually like people. A curse because I read people well in silence. It also doesn’t help me that my name is Alexis which means “the savior of mankind.” In short, I have some responsibilities. However, everyone has their limit and I certainly know mine. I try my best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I am also the mere opposite of a doormat. So before you assume, please do not confuse my kindness for weakness. “Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” – Albert Einstein.

Alexis is an actress, independent film producer, and the voice of several popular video game characters. Originally from Bayside, New York, she now calls LA home.

Annette Lawless

Sagittarius – Annette Lawless

When it comes to life, I try to be optimistic and a tad overambitious, often taking on too many roles as I’m working to juggle projects. I want to do as many good things as I can and be a leader in my workplace and community; many traits that fit a Sagittarius. Because of that ambition, though, I often get “fired up,” as my husband puts it. I wish this dark side didn’t show, but it happens. I just try to be the best, honest version of myself. No excuses. I am just so passionate about my work, and can get frustrated if others don’t match my commitment. Now that I’m a young parent, it’s interesting to see how these traits will carry through. Yes, I’m juggling way too much and am restless over these obligations. I feel that, in large part, it’s due to my lack of ability to delegate. It’s not that my peers are not capable. Rather, I know that I am more dependable. Of all the flaws associated with my Zodiac, I think my focus on work and pleasing others does tax my family life. Does my family support those efforts? Yes. Are they troubled or frustrated by them? Possibly.

Annette is an Emmy and Murrow-award winning newscaster and reporter with ABC affiliate KAKE in Wichita, Kansas.

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