Serena Meloni

Italian actress and model in her first English interview

Serena Meloni

We at his site relish opportunities to present talent unheard of in the United States. Perhaps the exposure outside of the lady’s home country will lead to international opportunities. Perhaps it will just become the one English interview with a US-based entertainment media outlet she will have on her press credits.

Actress and model Serena Meloni was brought to my attention by film director Eros Bosi, whose earlier comedy-horror short, Evil Selfie, features a duo of lovely ladies, one of whom subsequently graced our pages. Serena stars in Eros’ most recent short, Vamp Stalker and was, quite simply, the highlight. The following can hardly be considered an in-depth interview with Serena, but it’s one you won’t find anywhere else and Above photo of Serena during the filming of Vamp Stalker, earlier this year.

Serena Meloni
Last year, at a fashion show that Serena organized
CHRIS CHARLES: Where are you originally from?
SERENA MELONI: I’m originally from Terni, Italy.
CHRIS: Have you ever been to the United States?
SERENA: No, I never have.
CHRIS: I first saw you in Eros Bosi’s comedy-horror short film, Vamp Stalker. How did you meet Eros?
SERENA: I meet Eros on Facebook.
CHRIS: Well, that’s how a lot of people meet these days. I interviewed Dilette Vedovelli earlier this year. She was in another of Eros’ short films; Evil Selfie. Do you know Diletta?
SERENA: I’ve only heard of her.
CHRIS: What was your experience like while you were making Vamp Stalker?
SERENA: It a was great experience and I found that I adore the world of the cinema.
CHRIS: Have you appeared in any other films or TV shows in Italy?
SERENA: Yes, I have appeared on TV as as a competitor in two shows and in then finally in some movies.
CHRIS: I understand you have been chosen to do another film. Please tell me about it.
SERENA: Yes, I’ve been chosen for another movie that will start filming in November. I will be the protagonist and it will be entitled, Sara: The End of a Dream. It tells of a girl who has the dream of dancing and opens a dance school in Norcia, which then gets destroyed by the earthquake. She moves to Terni, where she has friends with her family and where she knows a boy who will become her boyfriend. The film focuses on the prejudices of people.
Serena Meloni
Very recent photo, courtesy of Serena
CHRIS: What is your favorite film genre?
SERENA: My favorite kind of films  sentimental ones.
CHRIS: Who are some of your favorite American actresses?
SERENA: My favorite is Julia Roberts.
CHRIS: You also do some modeling. I understand a year ago, you participated in a beauty pageant?
SERENA: I have previously participated in beauty contests and in one, I won a sash like “Miss Facebook.”
CHRIS: You’ve also organized fashion shows?
SERENA: I have organized fashion shows and beauty shows at the local level.
CHRIS: What are your hobbies and interests?
SERENA: Dancing, singing, acting, and kids. I’m hoping to work with them one day.
CHRIS: So, how long have you had your cat, Chanel?
SERENA: I’ve had her for a year. I feel like I’m always greeted by her when I come home.
CHRIS: With that, I will say thank you for answering my questions, Serena. In closing, anyone you would like to say hello to?
SERENA: Thank you for the interview, and Eros for choosing me t be in his film and hello to my boyfriend.
CHRIS: Oh, just one last question: When you go to the movies, do you really take off your shoes and put your feet up on the seat in front of you?
SERENA: (Laughs) It is not my custom to put my feet up on the seat in the cinema, but I might start thinking about it. Thank you very much Chris.

Serena Meloni
Serena in Eros Bosi’s comedy-horror short, Vamp Stalker. It can be viewed on Youtube,
but there are no English subtitles. However, an understanding of Italian isn’t necessary
to get the gist and enjoy this one.

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