Baker’s Log – A Quick Look: House on Bare Mountain (1962)

House on Bare Mountain

This one is a 1962 “nudie cutie” horror-comedy. I actually find this movie very entertaining. Nudie Cuties I described in detail in my review of NUDE ON THE MOON, so I’ll forgo the history of the genre here. HOUSE ON BARE MOUNTAIN tells of an undercover policewoman who infiltrates Granny Good’s finishing school to investigate the strange goings on, all of which act as cover for Granny’s still operating in the basement. Manning the still is Krakow, Granny’s seven foot werewolf!

A mixture of a Three Stooges short and a beach movie minus the bikinis, the bulk of the film is spent un-apologetically leering at pretty girls in states of undress as they exercise, lounge by the pool, shower, and make ready for bed while Granny narrates in vaudeville jokes. It culminates in a costume party, seen bellow. Only one joke is off color. Although a dirty movie when released, I have to admit that I like HOUSE ON BARE MOUNTAIN. Granny Good, by the way, is smut producer Bob Cresse doing his impersonation of Jonathan Winters’ Maude Frickett character. It’s a pretty spot on impression! Goofy, but fun.

House on Bare Mountain

House on Bare Mountain

House on Bare Mountain

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