Baker’s Log – A Quick Look: The Girls on the Beach (1965)

Although American International Pictures invented the beach movie and made the most entries in the genre, other studios naturally tried to cash in. Paramount Pictures made my favorite of the genre, the in-color 1965 gem, THE GIRLS ON THE BEACH. In this one, a trio of guys tries to impress a trio of girls by telling them that they know the Beatles. What the boys don’t know is that the girls are part of a sorority in desperate need of rent money, and they’re looking for musical entertainment for a fundraiser. In short order, the girls are under the impression that the Beatles are going to perform for them! Lori Saunders (of Petticoat Junction fame) is one of the girls, unhappily pitching in to collect some beauty contest winnings. It’s the talent competition that secures the trophy, as Lori’s character goes into an uncontrollable gyration of the hips whenever she hears harem music! Also on hand are Lesley Gore and the Beach Boys. The film may feature the most beautiful collection of girls I’ve ever seen in one place. (Only HOLLYWOOD OR BUST comes as close.)

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