Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

Normally, a name as big as Taylor Swift wouldn’t be featured here, but her recent music video for her single “Look What You Made Me Do,” off of her upcoming sixth studio album Reputation, is so good that we have decided to help Miss Swift promote it. We’re sure she’ll appreciate that. Yes, the song is good, but it’s debatable whether it’s good enough to have been able to stand on its own to become a smash hit without the music video.

Like ladies before her, such as Shania Twain, whom she credits as an influence, Taylor started out a country sweetheart and then gradually crossed over to pop/rock while cultivating a sexier image. Reminiscent of Madonna early in her career, but not quite as drastic, Taylor sort of “reinvented” herself every year or so along the way, and kept herself musically and culturally relevant. The latest buzz is about her suddenly and unexpectedly clearing all of her social media accounts right after she was awarded a symbolic one-dollar judgement against a DJ whom she said groped her at a 2013 event.

The mega-budget Joseph Kahn-directed video, which was released August 25th on Taylor’s official Vevo channel, has over 49 million view as of this posting. The 35-second-long opening scene alone is sure to get this video posted around some horror blogs this Halloween season and there are already many bloggers around cyberspace, such as Clevver News’ Joslyn Davis, “decoding” and “unveiling” the hidden meanings within. The ending, where Taylor portrays all the different “incarnations” of herself  throughout her career, which is quite impressive, seeing she’s only 27, is brilliant. This music video isn’t quite as epic as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” but it’s destined for inclusion in an “all-time best” list.

Thank you to Andreea Boyer.

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