Sara Barrett’s Tips for Aspiring Clickbait – Part 8

Clickbait ....then and now

Early this month, The Hollywood Reporter published an article on the “true identity” of a lady who could be considered Hollywood’s “original clickbait,” Angelyne, who is still often spotted cruising around Tinseltown in her trademark pink Corvette. (Not the original ‘Vette she drove when she first became “famous for being famous” in the early 80s. She’s updated over the years and currently drives a 2015 model.)  The article, complete with high school yearbook photos and scans of official documents, delved into Angelyne’s past and revealed much about her pre-celeb days that had, until then, been a mystery, except perhaps only to those very close to Angelyne. Angelyne responded to the The Hollywood Reporter‘s article two days later, leaving little doubt that the information in the piece was, at least for the most part, true.

Since Angelyne was sort of the predecessor to ladies like Sara, I asked Sara what she thought of The Holly Reporter‘s exposé on Angelyne. Sara, being one who’s opened herself up to media attention, albeit during the age of the Internet, which was not around during Algelyne’s heyday, can see both sides of the issue and weighs in.

It’s obvious Sara, shooting this video at the Hollywood and Highland Center, didn’t choose the right people to ask this question of. Of the five people she approached, only one seemed to know who Angelyne is. (Three had no idea and one didn’t even seem to understand a word Sara was saying). So, this episode of Tips for Aspiring Clickbait falls flat, much unlike Sara does in her outfit. However, stay tuned for future episodes, in which Sara will be self-shooting in an area where Hollywood locals frequent and pose this question to people much more knowledgeable on the subject. Oh, and the tip for this episode? If you become well-known enough for people to become curious about your past, your past will not be off limits, so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

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