Sara Barrett’s Tips for Aspiring Clickbait – Clickbait at Work, Episode 2

Godfather and the Roach

As any clickbait knows, in order for your photos to get picked up by the tabloids and blogs, you need to grab the photo editors’ attention (and hope for a slow news day). To do just that in one of her most recent shoots, Sara donned a bright gold bikini and rode her inflatable cockroach (the same one that groped her on Santa Monica Beach last year, as shown in the bottom photo) in the very luxurious swimming pool of a Malibu home. Simple and effective. Pumping gas in that same bikini was also not a bad idea.

Embed from Getty Images

Last summer at Santa Monica Beach, where the cockroach got the
idea to sort of recreate the iconic Coppertone ad with Sara.

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