Sara Barrett’s Tips for Aspiring Clickbait – Part 7

Trolls and charity

Part 7 of Sara’s Tips for Aspiring Clickbait series has her coming to you from under Seattle’s George Washington Memorial Bridge, home of the Fremont Troll, which is an appropriate location for this segment’s topic. Here, Sara tells how to deal with trolls (the Internet kind) and actually use them to your advantage. Of course, having fan support always helps. Sara also covers how you can use the media exposure you’ve gained, as a platform to raise awareness and money for important causes and worthwhile charities, such as she has for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Stay tuned for Part 8, where Sara will be back in LA and on Hollywood Boulevard, asking people their opinions of clickbait. To quote Sara; “Seeing how much we don’t get no respect, just like Rodney Dangerfield. Hopefully educating a few people and also answering any questions that might have come through by then.”

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