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Resurrected 2012 interview with the top horror queen

(Editor’s Note: This interview with Scream Queen Lilith Stabs, was conducted back in April 2012 by Tom Heckbert for the now-defunct website It’s been republished at Idol Features courtesy of Tom.)

Lilith Stabs

Lilith Stabs, primarily known as a film actress, has a long string of movies under her belt including Severe Injuries, Bad Movie Police, Malefic, Zombiegeddon, Vampire Call Girls, and Weregrrl. Besides acting, Lilith (whose real name is Laurie Starr Huffman) works at modeling, writing, and music with the Dead Horse Saloon Band. Photography, visual art projects, and coming out with her own perfume line, 13 Scents, also keeps her very busy. She is also known for bringing her pet bunnies along to her film festival and convention appearances.

Lilith StabsEYESTRANE: Lilith, it is a pleasure to meet you. Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you grew up?
LILITH STABS: Thank you. I am originally from Buffalo, New York, but I grew up in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I never really felt very southern though. I guess having half of the family from up North explains that.
EYESTRANE: When did you first begin acting and can you tell us about one of your early roles?
LILITH: I got married and had my daughter really young, so as a result, I started my acting career a little later than when most do. I was 28 when I did my first B-horror flick, Vampire Callgirls. That was shot up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I also did my first convention appearance while up there for the shoot. It was the Pittsburgh Comicon.
EYESTRANE: As a Scream Queen, you are probably best known for your roles in Vampire Callgirls, Bad Movie Police, Severe Injury and Malefic. How were your experiences acting in these films?
LILITH: Yes, I would say those were some of the movies that I’m known for. Vampire Callgirls was, as I said, my first role. I had a fun time with that shoot. Especially with the bonus of getting to do my first convention appearance while on the trip. Malefic was shot in a cabin the woods, I remember making a lot of coffee on that shoot. I remember at one point it was a little stressful. We were a little pushed for time having to get all my footage shot before I had to fly out, but we got through it. I like that the movie is black and white and that I got to do some narration. Severe Injury ended up being a really amusing movie, but of course, it’s intended to be. I liked my role. I mostly had sex, fake, of course, and shot the killer. Bad Movie Police shot in L.A. I remember being more than a little concerned when the day I flew out there they grounded a plane in California for some issue with the SARS virus. My plane luckily did not have such a problem. The shoot itself went fine. We also shot the documentary Something to Scream About after that shoot. I may have escaped SARS, but when I returned from that trip I ended up getting the worst cold I ever had in my entire life. I was sick for three months.
Lilith StabsEYESTRANE: You are a fan of David Lynch’s films. What did you think of Inland Empire, have you seen his early short films, and what was that thing in Eraserhead?
LILITH: Yes, in fact I’m just starting to rewatch the Twin Peaks series now. Not sure about Eraserhead, but I guess that was in the early days when he had less of a budget. I did see some of his short films, but would have to rewatch them to really remember what I thought of them.
EYESTRANE: One of the interviews on is with Mistress Persephone, a dominatrix. I understand you once worked as one too. Can you tell us a little about that time of your life?
LILITH: I remember Mistress Persephone, I always thought she had a great Gothic style. She does not like me much. Years ago there was some big blow out on a fetish message board so that is how that came to be. Another one of those people who form an opinion about me without really knowing me. I wanted to do some acting and modeling. So I kind of planned it out, me doing the dominatrix stuff. The other actresses I knew who were doing the horror movie stuff were all strippers. I did not want to go that route. I have always thought it very lowly to comprise yourself in such a way. So I thought what could I be in control of that would get me some exposure. Being a dominatrix did not seem so bad. You yourself are in control of what you will and won’t do. And to tell you the truth, there was just too much I will not do. I had too many morals to last in that business. But it was probably one of the only times in my life I made decent money. And I never comprised myself. I did enjoy the fetish clothing and photo shoots. And it does teach you about people and you learn about things the average person doesn’t even dream of.
EYESTRANE: You also have some companions you travel with and love. Can you tell us about your bunnies?
LILITH: Indeed, I’ve had bunnies in my life for about 20 years now. They are much more interactive than most people think. As long as they are kept inside they really develop personalities. My current bunnies are Whitney Pandora and Esmerala.
Lilith StabsEYESTRANE: You are also an author and wrote the children’s book, The Little Bunny Body Book. Can you tell us about it and do you have a sequel planned?
LILITH: The Little Bunny Body Book is available on Kindle and Lulu. I wrote it to help children identify with various parts of the bunny. Like the bunny has ears and nose just like they do. That way if they have a pet it will maybe help them treat them more gently. I just put out another bunny based book that’s completely different though. This one is an ABC’s book. It is called The ABC’s of Bunny Business This one is to help children with their ABC’s and or spelling. This is also available on Amazon’s Kindle and Lulu. I really like it on Lulu since it displays in color on there. It is a book best viewed in color as it has a lot of bright colors. I use a pen name for the children’s books. It’s “L.A. Starr.” It was actually my real name when I started using it; Laurie Ann Starr. Starr was from a very short lived marriage. Another story for another time. A story that includes suicide, attempted murder, bankruptcy, and a long dragged out divorce.
EYESTRANE: Tell us about your perfume line.
LILITH: There are 13 different scents I have developed. I was releasing them one at a time. My original plan was to put them all out last year. I was making really fun, over the top commercials making fun of perfume ads, but I was living in Texas at the time and had sort of an odd situation going on. The lady who owned the house we lived in seemed to be watching my Facebook page and knew everything I was doing. I just felt really odd about it and stopped checking my page and did not do updates too often. So I put off doing more commercials and perfume release dates. But now that we moved out of Texas and have been getting settled in here in Atlanta, I hope to get back to work on these as well as some of the other projects I had put off. Also, I had to pretend not to have rabbits while in Texas and that just does not work for me. I did release the first two scents which were “Elixer de Scream Queen” and “Heartless.” Next in line is “Bunny Goddess.”
Lilith StabsEYESTRANE: You have been working with your husband and his band “The Dead Horse Saloon Band featuring Lilith Stabs” on a music project. Can you tell us about it and how it is progressing?
LILITH: We decided for him to keep the name “The Dead House Saloon Band” for his project and choose a different name for our music project. The name is “Til Death.” It is going really well. We should have something ready soon. The recent out of state move has delayed a few things.
EYESTRANE: I also understand you like photography and photo editing. Are you a wiz at retouching in Photoshop?
LILITH: I love photography. I’ve mostly shot bands and models and of course, bunny rabbits. I do like photo editing, with all the photo programs there is always more to learn. I’m decent at it, but there is always room for improvement with it and always room in my life for new and better camera equipment.
EYESTRANE: In an article about your appearances at conventions you were called, “serious and imposing.” Why do you think you were called that?
LILITH: I suppose that is how some people must perceive me, or maybe it was the bunnies (laughs). They might have just watched Night of the Leapus. I think it is mostly that I’m horribly misunderstood. I’m actually very nice. I think what lends to some people not understanding me is that I may not actually really fit into what is “normal” or what they expect someone at a convention table to be like. But in reality I don’t really fit into most of the things I’ve done in life. I’m not like a lot of the B-actresses. I don’t run naked and screaming through the films I’m in. Sort of like how I just did not fit into the fetish scene. Too much I don’t partake in. But then, I don’t really think I look like your average children’s book author either. Look a some of my photos. I guess if I was rated like a movie I’d say I’m PG-13. I refuse to exclude myself from doing what I want just because I don’t fit into a mold.
Lilith StabsEYESTRANE: How important is it for you to interact with your fans and do you use social media sites?
LILITH: I do keep a Facebook and Myspace page so fans can see updates. At times I get very behind with answering messages on those sites, although I’m trying to get caught up with all that. I do add new photos and posts to any new projects or things of interest that are current, like interviews, etc. I think that is one of the things the fans like about the B-movie actors and actresses; that they tend to have more interaction with their fans. If they are fans of an A-list celebrity, it is less likely they will have much of a chance to meet them or even speak to them through a social media site.
EYESTRANE: Are there any interesting projects you have coming up that you can tell us about?
LILITH: I’d have to say my next book project. I’ve got more children’s books to do, but the next I’ll be doing will be for the adults. I’m going to be working on a book about my experience in the fetish biz. It should be an interesting read. No new movies roles at the moment. People still keep asking me to do nudity. It’s just not something I desire to do. If it was, I suppose I would have taken a different path in life. I’ve not quit acting, but I’m doing a lot less of it these days. If I get offered a part I feel is right for me, of course I will accept it.
EYESTRANE: What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
LILITH: Besides breathing I’d hope to actually be making some decent money for a change. That would be nice, really nice! Other than that, I’d hope to still be working on all the things I enjoy; writing, acting, photography, art, etc. And of course, to still be spoiling my little bunny rabbits.
EYESTRANE: Where can we find out more about you and your work?
LILITH: Well, I do keep a website, but it’s not always updated. The most current best place it probably going to be on my Facebook and Myspace pages. And of course, you can always read any current interviews to see what I’m up to these days.

Lilith’s 2011 Scream Queen perfume commercial

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