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Delightfully tacky and unrefined writings by some who have worn the orange and white (and sometimes black)

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Some Hooters Girls start blogs during their employment with the company to relate their experiences on the job to readers. Most who do, start their blogs right at the beginning of their journey into the “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined” world of breasts and Buffalo wings at the restaurant with the double-entente name. The girls take to the blogosphere to gripe about the job, talk of its perks (like the big tips) and give advice to other girls who are either considering joining their ranks or who have already donned the famous orange (and occasionally black) short shorts, but are relatively new to the job. Some girls create their blogs and never get around to adding any content at all (such as this one by Andrea Florence, even though she posted a comment at another Hooters Girl’s blog, asking for advice). Most of these ladies blog under pseudonyms, while a few use their real names and even post photos of themselves. As with the employment span of the typical Hooters Girl, most of these blogs have short timelines. Most, such as all the ones you’ll see listed here, remain as archives, either intentionally (such as “Sauce” did with her blog, “According to Sauce”) or because their authors have simply forgotten about them.

The following is an alphabetical listing of abandoned blogs by, I can reasonably assume, all former Hooters Girls. I haven’t read them all from beginning to end, only those that are no more than a few posts long. With the longer ones, I’ve read the first and last entries of each, and skimmed through posts in between to get the overall gist of the blog and the topics covered. I have given each of these blogs a 1-5 star rating based on two factors; entertainment value and informative content. You’ll also notice from all the “blogspot.com” URLs, that these ladies overwhelmingly chose Google’s Blogger for their writings. If any of you readers run across other blogs authored by a current or former Hooters Girl, about being a Hooters girl, that is not included here and you think should be, please feel free to add the link in a comment below and if I agree, they’ll be added to this list. Also bear in mind that some of the blogs listed here would have rated higher if their authors would have posted to them longer. Click on the titles to visit the blogs. (Above right illustration by Rock Baker.)

A Hooters Girl ★★☆☆☆ (August 2013)
This girl’s blog starts and ends before she worked her very first shift as a Hooters Girl. She posts multiple times per day on August 6th, 7th, and 8th, then in her last entry on August 13th she writes; “I will let y’all know more tomorrow of how my first day went!” I assume, had that day gone fair, good, or great, she would have posted about it, since she seemed excited about blogging about her experiences on her new job. Had that day gone lousy or disastrous, she definitely would have posted about it, since the tone of her previous entries indicated this was going to be a very candid blog in which she would relish dishing the dirt. Your guess is as good as mine as to what happened on that first day and what became of this Hooters Girl blogger who posted under the pseudonym of simply “Hooters Girl.”

According to Sauce ★★★★★ (February 2009-August 2012)
The longest-running Hooters Girl blog on this list is also the best. After she felt that her blog ran its course (and 3 1/2 years is a long time by Hooters Girl blog and employment standards), “Sauce,” whose real name is Saskia Boogman, moved on. Saskia worked at the Missoula, Montana Hooters and was an MBA student during According to Sauce‘s run. She started ATS six months after she became a Hooters Girl and she covered the A-to-Z’s of being a Hooters Girl. Her blog included a “cast of characters,” who are referred to in her entries and she answered many Hooters trivia questions, such as why the girls sometimes wear black uniforms. Saskia also got quite a few pertinent comments on her entries which is a rarity for a Hooters Girl blog. She let ATS remain as an archive for current and future Hooters Girls to have for reference and she’s been referred to at other Hooters Girls’ blogs as a source of good info. She even contributed articles to Hooters magazine. Saskia moved on to a new blog (npcbikini.blogspot.com) that didn’t focus on her experiences as, or her even being, a Hooters Girl, right after she stopped posting to ATS. That blog has long since been deleted, but she hardly ended up in the “Whatever happened to..?” file. In fact, she’s all over the net. To see more of Sauce/Saskia now, check out her website, Facebook fan page, and she’s on Twitter.

Adventures of a Hooters Girl ★★★★☆ (August 2012-November 2013)
Went by “BD,” which, judging by a few of her posts, could have stood for “bitch diaries” (“bitch” as in complaining), but life of a Hooters Girl is not all big tips and smiles. However, she does cover pretty much all the bases of being a Hooters Girl. Her blog starts off with her telling of her decision to become a Hooters Girl. Her subsequent posts cover her interview, orientation, training, and they continue on to pretty much every aspect of the job. You can tell her later writings are that of the seasoned Hooters Girl she became, who probably even achieved the Hooters rank of “trainer” at her location. She did offer to answer questions and gave her e-mail address to send them to (see her next-to-last post dated May 7, 2013). I sent her an e-mail to that address, telling her about this article and asked if she would still be willing to answer a few questions, but received no reply.

Adventures of a Hooters Girl ★★★★☆ (February-April 2016)
Not to be confused with the above blog of the same title, the author of this blog could have been another “Sauce” had she been at Hooters longer than six months and continued posting throughout her employment. One of her entries is a refreshingly unique piece, among the blogs listed here; a review of a “Tilted Kilt” franchise she visited, which is a Hooters rip-off and strong competitor of the orange & white (and sometimes black). She also included images with some of her posts, which is a nice touch and also something you don’t see at most of the blogs listed here. In one of her entries, she reveals the then-current prices of individual Hooters Girl uniform items and, like with the Army, that only the initial uniform issue is free. From then on out, the girls have to pay for the stuff.

The Anonymous Black Hooters Girl ★★★☆☆ (December 2014)
Going under the pseudonym “Black Hootz,” this girl felt that her being Black would “give a different aspect” than the Hooters Girls’ blogs before hers, as all of those she presumably believed were authored by White girls. So, she felt she would would “have the opportunity to speak from a different standpoint.” Her writings really don’t seem to set themselves apart from those of the other Hooters Girls here. Her blog, short-lived as it was, is fairly well-written and she covers pretty much all the same general topics the other girls do. From her writings, it doesn’t seem like her being Black caused her any more or less concerns as a Hooters Girl, than if she were not Black. Probably because the only colors one sees when one looks at a Hooters Girl of any ethnicity is orange and white. Well, sometimes black on Fridays and certain special occasions.

Another Dumb Hooters Girl ★★☆☆☆ (June-July 2012)
This one starts off her first post stating that she’s “a sophomore at the University of North Texas, studying to be a physical therapist.” Her subsequent posts cover how she handles having a boyfriend who knows she works at Hooters (a topic some could do without, but will interest others), staying in “Hooters Girl shape,” and tipping. The usual Hooters Girl topics, but not all the girls have quite the same takes on them. Too bad she quit after only one month with a total of five entries.

Blondie the Hooters Girl ★★☆☆☆ (June 2009)
This blog also would have probably rated higher, had she continued posting to it beyond her first month at Hooters. No telling how long she worked at Hooters, but according the the dates of her entries, she had been a Hooters Girl not quite two weeks when she wrote her last post, in which she reported of already having two “regulars.” Oh, and only one “really bad creep.”

Dietary Blog of a Hooters Girl ★☆☆☆☆ (Circa 2012)
This one’s on Tumblr, which is known as more of a photo blog. However, there are no photos here. There’s only one entry written by the blog’s author, which tells about her being told by her boyfriend, who is/was a cook at the Hooters she worked at (sounds like a sure-fire recipe for disaster) that her managers there were “concerned about her weight and the way her uniform fit,” which must have meant a little more was bulging out than what was suppose to bulge out. I suppose this blog was started to chronicle the weight loss diet of the author (hence the title) as she strived to get back into Hooters Girl shape, but she abandoned it. Abandoned the blog, that is. I have no idea how she did with her diet.

Experiences of a Hooters Girl ★★★☆☆ (June-September 2009 and then nothing until a final post in May 2012)
“C.R.” starts off her blog with her story of the day she applied at Hooters. Her subsequent entries cover a lot of good Hooters Girl ground for the next three months. In her next-to-last post, she states she’s no longer a Hooters Girl. She doesn’t tell in that post whether she quit or was fired (the former always much more likely), but says she still has all of her “notes” that she took of her “memorable Hooters experiences” during her time in uniform, and promises to share them in future entries. However, nothing until her last post more than two and a half years later. In her last entry, she tells of the asshole customer (apparently there with his wife and daughter) who was sort of the straw who broke the camel’s back in her decision to quit Hooters. She doesn’t share those amusing stories she promised to share, but she does inform her readers that she’s a new mother.

Hooters Babe Experience ★★★★☆ (October-December 2012)
Another decently-written blog by a Hooters Girl who wished to remain anonymous. Her first three posts are all dated October 30, 2012, but they were probably written at different times. Those posts cover her application, interview, and orientation processes. In one of those posts, she states her dream job was to be a model, but her tattoos and her being 5’7″ (which seems to be an ideal height for a model) has limited her opportunities, and she hoped being a Hooters Girl would give her a push forward. Visible tattoos are a no-go for Hooters Girls, so hers had to have been where they couldn’t be seen in a Hooters uniform. She mentions one she has that runs down her spine. She covers classes and training in her next three posts and then gets into her on-the-job experiences in the three posts after that. In her last post, only two months after she started her blog, she highly praises her job, stating it’s the best she’s ever had and even writes a “Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Hooters Girls.” Her last sentence of that last post reads; “I swear I’ll try to update more, I just am never sitting down at a computer anymore. There’s too many stories that need to be shared!!” Mysteriously and more than four and a half years later, she’s yet to share them.

The Hooters Experience ★★★☆☆ (September 2009-May 2010)
This girl, who goes by “HGWB” adds a disclaimer in uppercase font in her first entry stating her statements are “NOT NECESSARILY THE VIEWs AND/OR OPINIONs OF HOOTERS INC, HOOTERS OF AMERICA INC, OR OF ANY OTHER HOOTERS AFFILIATE” etc. She covers the topic of dating customers in her second entry, as if a Hooters Girl dating a customer at her restaurant, is like a stripper dating a customer at her club. (Well, I suppose it is sort of along the same lines.) She’s another lady who touches on and covers the topics well. There’s a five-month gap between her last two posts. When she wrote her last entry, she was still a Hooters Girl, and a very busy one at her location. She closes out her last entry out with “That’s it for now but I’ll be back soon! My next shift is on Thursday.” Wonder what happened on that Thursday.

Hooters Girl 101 ★☆☆☆☆ (July 2012)
Sabra Phillips, the author of this one-post wonder blog, started off well, promised some good stuff to come, and then ….nothing more. Knowing what the typical Hooters Girl has going on in her life (school, a jealous/possessive/controlling boyfriend, rival Hooters Girls, asshole customers, etc.), one’s mind can run wild with speculation as to why Miss Phillips never made a second entry to her blog. As of this writing, it’s been five years, but perhaps she’ll visit Hooters Girl 101 again one day, purposefully or accidentally, and let us know.

Hooters Girl on the Side ★★★☆☆ (September 2009 and then nothing until a final post in July 2014)
Nicki C.’s blog has the longest time span between posts: Nearly five years. She worked at Hooters locations in Texas and California. She admits that she entered the job in Texas believing she would hate it. She did end up hating it there, but says in her July 2014 post that working at Hooters in California was “new and wonderful,” and she makes some good comparisons between Hooters restaurants in both states. She started her blog the day she first applied as a Hooters Girl in Texas and made just made two more entries while she served in the orange (and sometimes black) short shorts. She covers the standard Hooters Girl topics, but does so very well, including detailed accounts of her official uniform issue and of a customer who was a real “creeper.” Nothing unusual at Hooters, but always makes for a good read. This would have rater four or maybe even five stars had she continued posting to it during her employment as a Hooters Girl.

Hooters and Hot Pants: My journey and experiences as a Hooters Girl ★★☆☆☆ (July 2014)
“Hooters Girl Paws,” whose blog includes a profile photo, is another blogger who stopped posting on the eve of her very first shift at Hooters. She does cover her application, interview, and orientation processes well in her first three entries. Her last entry was written and posted on the eve of her first day on the job. It ends with “More posting tomorrow!!!” I wonder what happened on that morrow for her to abandon her blog. Fruitless, but fun, to speculate what might have happened. Her sudden abandonment of her blog also kept it from ranking higher because, once a Hooters Girl completes “basic training”/”boot camp” and they start working shifts, that’s when the really good posts happen.

Life as a Hooters Girl ★★★☆☆ (August-December 2009)
“HG Brit” was a 19-year old college student when she started her blog. She doesn’t look back on her days wearing the orange and white (and sometimes black) fondly. Here entries cover the usual Hooter’s Girl areas of concerns; types of customers, tips, working shifts. Like with most of the other girls here, most of HG’s entries were written the morning after a long shift the night before, which gives me a mental image of her clad only in a long t-shirt, with her hair up and no makeup one, tapping away on her laptop with a specially-flavored hot beverage in a colorful mug by her side. In one post, HG refers to a “KH,” who’s another Hooters Girl blogger, so HG Brit was may have been a reader of at least one of the other blogs listed here.

The Life of a Hooters Girl ★★★☆☆ (January 2011)
“C.M.” had been a Hooters Girl for about a year when she started her blog, so she was a veteran Hooters Girl, but a blog newbie. In her “about,” she stated she’s “in love” with the job and she may have advanced, as some Hooters Girls with the right attitude and work ethic do at Hooters. It’s not a dead-end job. Of course, she writes about the obnoxious customers, “big daddies,” and drama she faces on the job, but since her (unnamed) restaurant’s location is outside a major city, rather than within, she states there isn’t as much drama there as there would be in a more urban-located Hooters. She stopped posting after just three entries, so I guess blogging about the job she was in love with didn’t hold her interest.

My Journey to Become a Hooters Girl ★★☆☆☆ (December 2012-January 2013)
Unlike most of the other Hooters Girls whose blogs are listed here, “Summer R” had her profile photo at her blog. Her Blogger blog was (actually still is) linked to her Google+ account, which is still up, but she abandoned it at the same time she did her blog, which is worth a look, but nothing really unique here, with the exception of her mentioning that her dad lived near her Hooters location and he was seemingly aware that she was a Hooters Girl ….not that there’s anything at all wrong with her being one.

My New Life as a Hooters Girl ★★★☆☆ (August 2008)
“Hooter Girl” posted a total of four entries that cover her orientation to her training. The last she posted the day before her first full shift. She states “Let you know the experience and outcome,” but never posted again. Sure makes one wonder what the hell happened on her first full day on the job to make her abandon her blog that was supposed to be all about the job.

Posh Blog! ★★★☆☆ (May 2014-May 2016)
“CiaraPosh” is another Hooters Girl Blogger who reveals her image at her Blogger profile. Her blog is unique in that she continued posting to it (on non-Hooters Girl-related topics) for over a year after she left Hooters. She stated she was a Hooters Girl for seven months. A skim of one of her non-Hooters-related entries revealed she had a five-year-old daughter while she worked at Hooters. A skim of her last Hooters-related entry revealed that she is/was a first grade teacher making better money than she did as a Hooters Girl. If that was true, sounds like Miss Posh never got any of those big-tipping regulars that some of the other bloggers here tell tales about.

The Secret Life of a Hooters Girl ★★★★☆ (August 2010-June 2011)
This blog is unique in that “Ms. Nutmeg” started it before she became a Hooters Girl. Not long before, as her opening entry is dated August 1st and the announcement that she got hired and will don the orange & white (and sometimes black) came with the August 17th entry, but it tells you she didn’t start her blog to post about her experiences as a Hooters Girl. However, after she started as one, Hooters topics dominate most of her subsequent entries. Ms. Nutmeg also makes it clear that the contents of her blog “does not reflect the opinions of the company, my building, or my co-workers.” She throws in an occasional non-Hooters-related entry and her labels/tags are well-chosen and there on the right sidebar for visitors to quickly read her posts on their favorite Hooters Girl topic. There is also a clear photo of her posted with a group of friends in one of her early, pre-Hooters Girl, entries.

Story of a Hooters Girl ★★☆☆☆ (December 2011)


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  1. I was a Hooters Girl when I was in College and my roommate worked as a dancer at a strip club. We both had our good shifts and slow shifts. We used to compare notes and even though I didn’t have to take my clothes off, we had to put up with the same types of patrons and crude remarks.

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