Sara Barrett’s Tips for Aspiring Clickbait – Part 5

More info for the inquiring mind

Part 5 of this series has Sara coming to you from the Foothill Swap Meet in Glendora, California (just yesterday, as of this posting), where she turned more than a few heads in a country-style bikini top that she now may give away. Stay tuned.

In this segment, Sara covers when the most important times are to go out and provide content for the tabloids once you’ve been picked up, your name becomes searchable, and you’re getting endorsement/promotional offers. Of course, those photographers aren’t going to be waiting for you outside your home (unless you do something really tabloid-worthy or your name is Kardashian), so you’ll need to know where they are at any given time, and here’s why it’s important to have those photographers in your contacts list. If you’ve haven’t been following this series (and if you’re aspiring clickbait, you really should be), refer to Part 2 about making those contacts.


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