Sara Barrett’s Tips for Aspiring Clickbait – Part 2

As promised, here’s the Queen of Calamity and Mistress of the Malfunction, Sara Barrett, coming to you from outside the North Hollywood Wienerschnitzel, for the second part of her video series; Tips for Aspiring Clickbait.

In this part, recorded today, Sunday, July 9th, as this goes to press, Sara covers the proper evening attire for catching the eyes of photographers and photo editors, as well as where to go to get photographed. (Outside the NoHo Wienerschnitzel not actually being one of those places, it was just a good place for Sara to shoot this video ….and she still received a catcall or two while there.) The always helpful Sara even names a few current Hollywood hot spots, where the Paparazzi is always hanging out.

Of course, not all unknown ladies are going to get the photographers’ shutters to start snapping away the first time they show up, even if they are dressed to kill. Sara explains the importance of contacts, networking, getting picked up by the blogs, and taking it to the next level. Maybe not in Part 3, where Sara will be answering some clickbait questions she’s already gotten, but definitely in future entries in this series, Sara will cover how you can make money off of your images, which is only right since everyone else involved sure will be.

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