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Both of the ladies behind and in front of the Youtube-based show Scream Queen Stream; Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff,  have graced the pages of Idol Features before. In fact, Jessica has on a few occasions, the first time being nearly six years ago, when she was a fast rising new talent in indie horror, making a name for herself on both sides of the camera. As she was becoming better-known in her field, Jessica actually got the idea to start a vlog from fans she met at her event appearances. When she was able to make it happen, she recruited her long-time friend and fellow horror actress, Heather, as her co-hostess, and Scream Queen Stream was born. The ladies launched the show in February of 2016 (above is their inaugural episode) and have since been uploading new episodes on pretty much a weekly basis. A wide range of topics are covered on the show, not all of which are horror related.

Jessica and Heather often have on guests from the horror industry, such as their fellow Scream Queen Monique Parent, whom they interviewed last February, during Women in Horror Month. Some of the other ladies interviewed on the show have been actresses Barbie Wilde, Arielle Brachfeld, and actress and director List Ovies, who has also co-hosted episodes of Scream Queen Stream on occasion. Other co-hostesses so far have been actresses Danielle Inks and Emlee Vassilos.

With highly entertaining regular segments like “Cooking with J-Cam” (in which experienced cook Heather tutors the culinary inept Jessica), “Watch This Dorff” (in which the more gore-craving Jessica selects Internet videos for the more faint hearted Heather to watch ….or rather endure), and “Hot Tub Story Time” (in which the ladies, while in a hot tub, talk of personal experiences on a selected topic), the show has been steadily gaining subscribers, who are very welcome to comment and submit requests. Learn more in the following brief interview Jessica recently gave to Idol Features.

Jessica & Heather
The ladies during a “Cooking With J-Cam” segment, which is shot in Heather’s kitchen, since it’s better equipped for culinary creations.

CHRIS CHARLES: When did you first come up with the concept for the show?
JESSICA CAMERON: When I first started working in film and attending events, conventions, film festivals, etc., the fans would often tell me how much fun they had just hanging out and would mention that I should have my own show. At the time, that was just not possible since I didn’t have access to camera equipment. As technology changed, the idea kept popping up in my mind but I knew I wanted a co-pilot to help divide and tackle the workload. Heather Dorff and I have been best friends for years and she is one of the best people I know, but I had to wait for her to move to LA and to get settled before we could start the show itself. So, needless to say, it was a process!
CHRIS: Who are some of the ladies you’ve interviewed on the show so far?
JESSICA: We have been blessed to have so many great guests on the show thus far including Monique Parent, Lisa Ovies, Arielle Brachfeld, and more. It’s great to see these talented women whose work I respect so much let their hair down and have fun on a little Youtube show.
CHRIS: Who are some of the ladies you’ve had on as guests as guest hostesses so far?
JESSICA: Well if you are my friends and a woman in film chances are you will at some point guest host Scream Queen Stream. So far; Danielle Inks, Emlee Vassilos, and Lisa Ovies have all taken turns helping to host the show.
CHRIS: I assume you get viewer requests. Are there any particular requests you get often?
JESSICA: They love to see me try to cook on our “Cooking With J-Cam” segments which really annoys Heather since it’s so stressful for her to try to help me cook (laughs). Also, Heather as (her alter ego) DrunkDorff™. She is really wild when drinking and some of her antics include diving head first into Walmart ball pits, along with other shenanigans!
CHRIS: Beside you and Heather, is anyone else involved in the production?
JESSICA: It’s just Heather and I on the regular basis, though we reach out to wonderful fellow filmmakers when we have questions, which are usually related to tech issues.
CHRIS: Any plans in the works to expand or take the show to TV?
JESSICA: We would love to take it to TV if and when the opportunity arises. So far, we have not gotten an offer that would make that possible, but we would be honored if it became a viable opportunity.

Scream Queen Stream
A still from SQS’s popular segment “Hot Tub Story Time.” Jessica’s dog Solomon sometimes
joins the ladies during shows ….probably not by choice, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Jessica and Heather’s February interview with their fellow Scream Queen, Monique Parent

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For information and prices on official DrunkDorff™ merchandise, contact Jessica through her official website.


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