Sara Barrett’s Tips for Aspiring Clickbait – Part 1

Actress and tabloid favorite Sara Barrett recently donned a sexy bikini, identical to one recently worn by Britney Spears, then shot the above video in the parking lot of a North Hollywood Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, and uploaded it to her Facebook page to explain exactly why she donned a sexy bikini identical to one recently worn by Britney Spears and was in the parking lot of a Hollywood Shakey’s Pizza Parlor.

Sara, whose also a favorite of some Chinese tabloids, due to her penchant for being photographed around LA in various eye-catching outfits that show off her very fit body, also explains why she’s referred to by terms such as “clickbait,” “filler,” and one of “the usuals.” We here at Idol Features just call her sexy and likable, which is why she’s graced our pages before and why Tips for Aspiring Clickbait is a planned multi-part series that will be presented at Idol Features throughout this summer. Also see more of Sara at her Instagram page.

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