Diana Cousins

Bringing it from the Bluegrass State

Diana Cousins

Kentucky native Diana Cousins has been modeling professionally for the last several years, but she is still fairly new to the indie film scene. However, with several short films already to her credit and some roles in feature length indie horrors on the horizon, Diana is a rising talent to watch out for. Above photo by Brett Hunt

“I was born in Kentucky. My mom got me into modeling acting when I was a kid. I’m signed with MTM Agency Cincinnati. I have been an independent contractor for a very long time. I have done a lot of events, mostly charity fashion shows. The jungle show is for wildlife, to save the animals.”

Diana Cousins
From the Jungle Fashion charity show, held last month at the Art
Sanctuary in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo by AJ Borromeo.

“I have been in a lot of short films. Out of Time was my first short film. I’m working on (a horror movie entitled) 13 now. We did a reshoot last month, after which we were done. Also, (I’ll be doing the films) Hell Block in May (this month, as this goes to press) and Nowhere soon.”

Diana Cousins
2013 session with Brandon Alcorn

Diana Cousins
From a 2014 shoot with Richard Waters in Dayton, Ohio

When asked about the many photographers she’s worked with, Diana replied; “I don’t have favorite, I have loved everyone I have worked with and still do. I have been in the DE-FI (Dayton Emerging Fashion Incubator) fashion show in Dayton, Ohio, Katwalk, Fashion Angels, and Jungle Fashion are just few big fashion shows I’ve done. There is a lot more to come. I love what I do.”

Diana CousinsDiana Cousins
Left: 2015 shoot with Barry L. Hood. Right: On the runway in 2016. Photo by Bill Sylvester.

Diana CousinsDiana Cousins
Diana shows fine form during a 2015 shoot with Brett Hunt.

“There’s far more than what meets the eye with me. I only told you a little about me. If I wanted to, (tell all about) my life and all my stories, it could be best seller, if only I told everything (laughs).”



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